Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yarn Along - a bit off colour

My embroidery needs a bit of practice (Richi couldn't even tell it was meant to be a smirking mouth) but other than that I'm very happy about how The Eyes Have It Beanie turned out.  Granted it's not the correct shade of yellow, but until my neice's boyfriend pointed this out, no-one had noticed!!

Tino loves it...

My christmas knitting has now become my take-along project as my ripple blanket has gotten too big.  It enjoyed it's first hike on sunday...
someone very kindly left this knitting cubby in the woods
but it had such noisy neighbors!
Tino - "is this blueberry land?"
any guesses what we've been reading this week?
On the grown up front I'm enjoying the latest edition of Taproot.  
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What are you knitting and reading?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yarn Along - Puppy Love

As of last week I have twin boys in my care two days a week.  On their very first day with me I took them for a walk to discover the village.  Unnoticed by me, one of them dropped his 'blankie' en route and I only realized  when we arrived home.  We backtracked and asked everyone we met but 'doudou' had vanished!!!  Gee I felt bad!!  So to try and make amends I made them one each of these Puppy Dog Lovely Blankets.  I couldn't find the necessary tool to make the holes around the edge to crochet a border so I just left that bit out.  
Tino has now requested one, pillow case size. I think I can do that!

My christmas knitting has taken a bit of back seat of late but it's still advancing, slowly! 

Nothing new to show on Tino's fire truck sweater.  I'm hoping to start the Intarsia work tonight so I'll have something a bit more colorful to share next week.
Still reading Last Child In The Woods.  Great book so far.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You Should See The Other Guy!!!

Just kiddin.  He hasn't been in the ring, but at the skate park, where if you peddle your bike at the right speed and hit the rubbish bin at the right angle, it flips it's lid.  However, miscalculate one of the above variables, you mess your face up!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yarn Along - Hitchhiker

I finished my Hitchhiker a few days ago and am rather pleased with the way it turned out.  I'm sure it's going to get lots of use this winter.

I knit it on 4 mm needles with thicker yarn than the pattern suggested and ended up with only 37 'teeth' due to running out of yarn, but it's still plenty big enough.  Great thing about a scarf is that it doesn't really have to fit, as such.  Which is more than can be said for sweaters.

I cast on Tino's  Fire Truck Sweater according to the pattern for age 6 but it came out very very wide.  So I downsized by .5 mm but it still looked too big.  So now I'm making an age 4 (he'll be 5 in October) and still using .5 mm smaller needles.  I think it will fit him just right now.  If it comes out too big he won't wear it and I figured there's no point it sitting in a draw waiting for him to grow into it, chances are his fire truck obsession will have worn off by then!

On my Kindle I'm reading Last Child In The Woods.  I'm only on chapter 1 and what an eye opener it is.  As expected  computers, television, mobile phones etc are given as  reasons why children are spending less and less time outside, but another reason, that fortunately we don't experience here, is  that children are not being 'permitted' to play out side.  It's not so much the parents who sanction kids play but it's groups such as 'home owners associations' who are increasingly regulating outside play to the extent that it no longer resembles play.  Climbing trees, spontanious ball games and other such classic forms of 'unstructued' entertainment are NO NO in a growing number of places!!  Well I didn't see that one coming.  I'm eager to find out what the rest of the reasons are.
My wee lads have also been getting creative these past few days.  My mother-in-law turned 70 on saturday and with a little help from us big people, they made her this little keep sake

Here they are hard at work.  I'm so proud of them, not only for making this but for keeping 'mum' about the surprise party we organized for her with all her brothers and sister, children and grand children.

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