Monday, October 22, 2012

Multiple choice question?

Me: So Rémi, what shall we do this afternoon?
a - your homework
b - clean the bathroom
c - go hiking
Rémi: you serious?

Just look at what we'd of missed if he'd gone for a or b...

Charousse, 1200m

the sun left just after we arrived
Though this might be a nice opportunity to get some nice portraits of the boys...

"if you could just stop eating and both look a me please"
"that's better but can we lose the florescent orange jkt"
I guess not! go and play...

oh there they are, the orange jkt is quite usefully after all
I'm so glad to have a child who knows what is really important! and his little brother who'll go along with anything big bro decides.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yarn Along - warm hands, warm heart.

I had a neighbour when I was growing up who always had cold hands, she'd cup them around my face and say "cold hands warm heart!", and she did/does have a warm heart, and probably still has cold hands.
Personally I like warm hands - a warm head, warm feet etc etc, and I like to think I have a warm heart but I guess I have to let others be the judge of that.
So as my boys and I walk run to school every morning, come rain or shine, snow or ice, I decided that some new mitts were the order of the day.
Tino chose sharks
arrh   arrh!
Rémi, continuing his obsession with Pirates, wanted scull and cross bones ones!  I'm using a basic mitten pattern and have done a spot of 'knitting cosmetic surgery' to the grid I had previously used for these wrist warmers, so as to reduce the number of stitches to fit across Rémi's hand.

I'm also having to make the mitts a little longer than the pattern, I hadn't noticed before that Rémi has such long slim hands!  Next up is me.  I'm going to try the mitten pattern in Taproot issue n°3 Retreat, in what I would describe as a 'burn amber' colour, even if the ticket wants to call it 'Sanguine'!
Just yesterday I was give three books - An Infamous Army (Margaret Drable), Father Brown Stories (G.K.Chesterton) and last but not least Dylan Thomas The Poems.  I'm sort of a fan of his, I've read many of his works, understood very few off them but I like the words he uses, and the way he uses them!  I've also read a few biography's, my, what a notorious womanizer and drunk he was!
I'm going to be linking up with Ginny tomorrow for Yarn Along but will have to wait until the end of the day to see all your projects.  Wednesday is such a busy day for us, but last week it was a very special Wednesday - my little Tino turned 4...

party fun with friends and cousins
as requested - a train cake with trailer filled with smarties!
...and today, is a very special Tuesday, as we celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary!