Monday, November 21, 2011

If the sock fits wear it

Yey I'm so happy! I've just successfully finished my first pair of knitted socks, and what's more they were so easy.  The pattern is one of Kelly's from  Creating a family home.

The only thing I might have done 'wrong' is the gusset; on all my 'bought' socks the stitches of the gusset run at a different angle to the one's on these, but they fit just the same so I guess it's just a 'detail'.
My toe grafting needs a little work but as Rémi now wants a pair i'll have two more to practice on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarn along - Bob's Bird house

I'm linking up to Yarn along again this week, with a project that I'm doing with Papy Bob, my father-in-law.

Using his excellent carpentry skills, Bob made us this little bird house, that I am decorating with crochet squares.
I haven't been crocheting very long so I'm keeping it simple.  I chose the colours as they remind me of the Welsh flag; Rémi thinks they remind him of Italy and my friend thinks that they are christmassy.

I'm re-reading Tiger-Tiger with the boys again; Tiger-Tiger is having a bad day! but is it really a bad day or does he just think it is? 4 simple questions (that we can apply to almost any situation) help him see things as they really are!  Byron Katie has addapted this book from a far more complicated version of one of her books for adults, but I like the simplicity of Tiger-Tiger and also it has fantastic illustrations.  I'm also re-reading Country on Ice which attempts to explain Canada's obsession with Ice Hockey.  I first read this whilst I was living in Vancover and was following the Stanley Cup,  so now that my son is a hockey player (and Richi is really getting into it) I thought I'd try and motivate myself into liking it too!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hole in one...

...knee that is!!
Rémi has this affliction - I call it the 'pointy knee syndrome', whatever the material or whatever the quality, the left knee of his trouser leg, lasts, in general, no longer than two weeks.
I've tryed the iron on patches, but you know what, they're great for people without knees! as soon as you bend down they peel off.
So I had 3 choices before me (a) have a scruffy looking son, (b) constantly buy new trousers or (c) learn how to sew on patches?
After seeing a tutorial on this very subject, I went with C.
Instead of cutting out patches I cut the pockets off an old (and beyond repair) pair of cargo pants, opened up the inside seams of the pants to be repaired to anable me to open the leg out flat, then just simply sewed the 'pockets/patches' on to the knee area!! and obviously closed the side seam up afterwards.

bent knee and no peeling!
It was surprisingly easy and despite the two legs not being completely symetric, the finised result looks just fine!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas ornament swap

 Look what I received a few days ago...

These gorgeous gifts were made by Kristen my Christmas Ornament Swap partner who lives in Utah.  I'm totally blown away!!!    

I'm going to have to hang the star in a draffy place so it twirls around and I can enjoy it's both sides!!

And these are what I sent to Kristen...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Festivals, 'Friends' and Food

We don't really celebrate Haloween here in France; we didn't even get one trick or treater at our house.  But my boys knew that something was going when  big cousin Salomé came by to show us her very sassy vampire costume (free entree to a nightclub).  We have a village association who organise various 'festivals' but the powers that be have now decided that Haloween is too American! So is Coca Cola who cares?  Thus it was up to me to make a little effort.
Costumes were out of the question as we only arrived back from holiday the day before and it still takes me an hour to thread up my sewing maching, so I made little finger fantom puppets and gave a Haloween theme to our Muffin Tin Monday.

On the eve of All Souls day we put together some photo's of departed loved ones; my mother, two grandmothers, Richards grandfather and my friend Nick, lit some candles, and encouraged the boys to ask questions about them.  They just seemed interested to know 'why' each one died, but we managed to slip a few happy memories into the conversation all the same.

And on the 5th of  November we had a 'small' bonfire night party.  The bonfire was TINY! (I didn't even managed to get a photo of it)  For a few days we have been having FOHEN, which is very strong warm wind blowing up from the south, this meant that the temperature was very agreable for eating outside but that having a big fire was not very prudent.
We had pumpkin soup and grilled seeds, bonfire baked potatoes, bara brith (welsh currant bread), toasted mashmallows and mulled wine, all in the good company of Jane, Walter and Luc. 
They all totted off to the Hockey game afterwards while Tino fell asleep watching The Aristocats and I made some novelty boot pegs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yarn along - Ballybucklebo

Yeh, it's Yarn along time again over at Small Things.  This week I have a bit of a knitting delema; This scarf has been in my W.I.P basket for quite a while now and I starting to find the pattern a little monotonus, so I can either stop now, with the piece measuring approx 70cm, and have myself a 'neck warmer' OR slogg along untill it's 'long' enought to be a scarf.

On the other hand 'Irish Country Doctor' is definitly anything but monotonus!  Set in the fictious village of Ballybucklebo, Ireland, a young rookie Dr finds himself working with the giant beefy ex-rugbyman Dr O'Reilly,  who demomstrates daily to his young protogé the importance of an 'old-fashioned' bedside manner and experince!