Sunday, September 20, 2015

Garden - all gone pear shapped!

Well not really...this lone cucumber is looking a bit like a pear but the rest of the garden is rather more pumpkin shaped!   I've never really had much success in the pumpkin department but this year they are popping up here, there and everywhere - big ones too...

...don't know how much this one is weighing in at but at the last check it was measuring 102cm around it's middle.  By North American standards it's well, pretty standard, but by my wee 'european' garden standards it's a MONSTER!
I'm calling these two the twins, and they live on the edge of one of the compost heaps,

this beauty is shamelessly flaunting herself just out of reach of the ladies, while her sibling prefers a safer spot around the back of the house with a friend.

And this little cutie is all snug in the middle of the Bee Mat!

 I love waiting to see what the garden will produce, all the different colours, shapes and sizes,

even the chickens like to vary things from time to time, but although they play around with size and colour they always seem to stick to the same shape - haven't had a square egg yet!

What's still growing in your garden this september?