Monday, August 3, 2015


Finally getting some Kale to grow!  This is the third lot I've planted, the other two got 'attacked'.  It's in a window box so that I can bring it inside at the first sign of trouble but I think it really needs to be planted into something deeper - like the ground.
The dwarf beans are doing nicely, when they're not getting smushed by Ringo.  We've had a few harvests already -  so delicious and tender.

There's lots of swiss chard, new potatoes and courgettes on the menu at the moment, and we are looking forward to runner beans, beetroot, pumpkin, cauliflowers, to name but a few, a little later on in the season.

I've been bring a little of the outside in this week too: two litres of rhubarb, ginger & mint syrup, rhubarb & ginger jam, red currant gelée and spicy tomato chutney (tomatoes from local market). And I need to get out and pick the black currents soon before the birds and the deer eat them all.

Whilst I took the boys biking this little lot was left stewing in the slow cooker in some basil passata, and with some fresh eggs it made a delicious 'homegrown' summer supper!