Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dré dans l'darbon...

... basically translates as 'head first down a mole hole',  is a biking event orgainsed annually in Passy.  There are 3 categories 10km, 30km and 42km; the 10km event an easy run through the forest and around a lake, ideal for families with small children.  There is even a 'pit-stop' to refuel and rehydrate tired little bodies (tired old ones also!) and as the event is sponsored by 'Satoriz', the organic supermaket, all the 'fuel' was 'bio'.

Now Rémi, being only 6yrs old, is not yet capable to calculate distance/time equations; thus sped off at lighting speed yelling behind him "is 10km longer or shorter than it takes to fill the car with petrol?" I couldn't answer as i could'nt catch up with him (lucky really as i'm not to hot with equations either).
We liased breifly at the 'pit stop',  before I found him tangled up in his bike after a small crash into a tree! (He got a lovely 'print' of his pedal on his right shin to match the one he got on his forehead  the day before from a 'flying' BMX!)
Next year i'll sign him up for the 42km, that will calm him down!! (I hope)

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