Monday, August 6, 2012

Bread 'n Jam - and a little bit of pesto

No pectin no problem! have no idea what went wrong with my two previous jamming exploits but this time I bypassed the 'added' pectin and my gelée came out tip top.  Just fruit and crystalized sugar.

doesn't this sugar bowl make a nice jam jar!
As Richard's big 100 km mountain race is fast approaching  I have been making my 'pain sportif' or extra energy bread for his morning feast.  I don't recall where I got this recipe so I can't give anyone credit for it.

Pain Sportif
200 ml almond milk
100 ml water
500g bread flour (i use multi-grain)
20 g dried yeast
5 g salt
100 g muesli rehydrated in 100 ml of almond milk
50 g honey

I like to let my bread machine do it's own mixing and rising thing, then knead it by hand and let it rise a second time for approx. 45 mins before cooking it in the oven.  Richard won't eat bread cooked in the bread machine, says it looks like a house brick!

This pesto is an almost permanent addition to my fridge at the moment as we have tons of mint in the garden, and sadly no basil, not for want of trying!   The recipe tends to change slightly with each batch but the basics are fresh mint, almonds, garlic and oil (I have been using an omega 3 mix), I then add bits of whatever else might be lurking in the kitchen or garden - spinach leaves, swiss chard greens,  parmesan, lemon juice, and I think I may very well have put honey in the last lot!

I've often heard my father remark that it would be wonderful if someone could invent a pill so we wouldn't have to bother eating, or more importantly to him, cooking.   No No No No, silly silly idea!!!


  1. Nothing better than fresh and homemade. It all sounds yummy! Have a fabulous week. Tammy

  2. yes that sugar bowl makes a really cute jam pot! i would have to agree with you and not your papa this time. i really like how use up leftovers and come up with such yummyness. :)

  3. Yum! Im glad your jam worked this time, Ive also added a little lemon rind instead of pectin and it worked well from memory. That bread sounds great. Lol about bread maker bread looking like a brick, ours has a funny shape too:) Good luck making the animal boards. I some times polish them with bees wax/olive oil polish
    and sometimes I just rub olive oil on them which does the job nicely too. Hope you show pictures when their done!

  4. how great that you found a 'play kitchen to be' too, Id love to see before and after pictures!!! (not that i'm over excited about it or anything:) yay!