Monday, October 22, 2012

Multiple choice question?

Me: So Rémi, what shall we do this afternoon?
a - your homework
b - clean the bathroom
c - go hiking
Rémi: you serious?

Just look at what we'd of missed if he'd gone for a or b...

Charousse, 1200m

the sun left just after we arrived
Though this might be a nice opportunity to get some nice portraits of the boys...

"if you could just stop eating and both look a me please"
"that's better but can we lose the florescent orange jkt"
I guess not! go and play...

oh there they are, the orange jkt is quite usefully after all
I'm so glad to have a child who knows what is really important! and his little brother who'll go along with anything big bro decides.


  1. good choice! it looks like such a beautiful day emma! did i see your knitting in the white bag?

    1. Yes, I did bring my knitting and managed a few rows!

  2. Sweettttt!!!!!! I miss having my boys and little girls in my life. I am thankful for the memories! Hugs to you sweet friend!!!!!!! Thanks for coming and visiting my blog! me

  3. I love it when boys pose for pictures...they are such...BOYS!

  4. lol yep id deffinately be going for option c too:)