Friday, May 24, 2013

Creative Friday - In The Dog House...

After a chicken keeping hiatus of 5 years we have now resumed egg production.  'Fortunately' the old coop got requisitioned as a tool shed and a new one (much nicer) has been built - or should I say recycled.
When my brother in law and his family moved house a few years ago they decided that their dog should also have a abode, and it's old kennel has been slowly decaying in my parents in law's wood pile ever since.
Richard was none to enthusiastic about having chickens again.  Some how, last time around, we ended up with too many or too many in too small a space.  We started off with four chickens, then got given a rooster and three of his off-spring - one of which turned out also to be a rooster.  This was a father/son relationship with issues!! After the usual dog and fox attacks we were then forced to kill all our birds, out of precaution, due the 'bird flu' epidemic in europe.
So when I suggested to Richard that it would be a fun project for him and the boys to turn the kennel into a wee chicken coop, for two chickens only, he reluctantly agreed.
working together they get the job done
a nesting box was added, new roof covering and a front door
I had intended to paint it dark red with a few details in white, but after pricing the paint, which came to approximately 60€, I decided otherwise.  And as Richi rightly pointed out, he used only old bits of wood and wire that we had lying around and so to waste spend money on new paint would be a shame.  Turns out I rather like it in it's present state, blends in nicely with the surroundings, so with a bit of luck, fantastic Mr Fox might not notice it!

This morning, MORE SNOW, when will it end?
The girls needed a little coaxing to get out of bed today!

Tricoti & Tricota

Rémi chose the names.  Tricot is the french word for knitting.  Do you name your chickens?
Joining in with Linda for Creative Friday 
Have a great weekend.


  1. Love the new home for your chickens, I love their names:) If I would have chickens I would give them names too. Lovely post!

  2. A very cute home for the chickies. The background in your pictures is breathe taking!

  3. hi emma, how great is that chicken house?, richi did a beautiful job. love that the boys helped out too! i love these photos, it is so beautiful where you live.

    your shawl turned out so pretty, it will be such a welcome gift. i hope you get the wool for your own soon!

    AND, thank you so much for the chocolat!! what a delightful surprise to come home to. my neighbor had been collectng my mail while i was out at the islands. i love the chocolate, the card and the bag too, thank you again so much!
    xxxxxxxxxxx lori

  4. I love the new chicken house. And your ladies are quite gorgeous. Fresh eggs sound lovely.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Neat! We name some, but the barred rocks are so alike, we couldn't tell them apart if we did name them. We named one white one.

  6. While I don't name our hens, my children do give them names in keeping with their personalities (yes, chickens do have personality!). Snow? And I thought our weather was less than spring-like. Hope you warm up soon! ~Lisa

  7. Wow! I love your chicken coop. That's super cool!
    Okay, and WOW! again I just realized you live in Chamonix. That's beautiful. I used to live in Vail and they too are getting snow today. We're getting drenched with rain in Boulder, CO right now if that is any consolation ;>

  8. lol at the father son relationship with issues- we've had the same thing!
    I adore your chicken coop, its great.
    Last time I had chickens eat their own eggs I emptied an eggs contents and re filled it with a pepper and water paste. I found the idea on google and it worked a charm. This time round id forgotten this trick and by the time I tried it again I think they were too set in their habbit but perhaps if yours eat more of the eggs it could help. I love their french names and I love that ones name means Knitting!

  9. Love your new coop it looks great. Still snowing, oh my hope your veggies are all ok.

  10. All I can say is it looks like you live in the most beautiful place! lucky you :)