Thursday, August 22, 2013

Garden Goings On

photo by Rémi,  age 8 yrs.
Which ever way I turn, there's always something ripe and ready to be picked at the moment!

The spinach has bowed out gracefully and left centre stage to beans, courgette, potato, lettuce and peas.

little hands make light work!

A whole family of Butternut squash are flourishing out the back of the house while their Potimarron 'Vert Kabosha' cousins seem to have found their niche in amongst the leeks.

This little lot...

... got made into these...

while this little bunch of spinach, mint, parsley and carrot tops, thrown in for the last 5 mins of cooking time, turned a simple pan of green lentils into a tasty supper sensation!

I'm not sure if the corn will have time to ripen into anything worth eating.  No matter, I love watching it sway in the breeze, these three seem almost synchronized!
Next year I will plant more and keep it undercover until it is standing strong.

Tino's cherry tomato plant produces two or three ripe ones every couple of days.  One each for him and his chicken loves!

Ah, the simple things in life! A flourishing garden, a few pots of loveliness to greet meet each morning...

... and send me off to sleep at night.

Sweet Dreams.


  1. Wow, so much lovely produce far more than we have! Ours is a slow trickle and sadly it has turned cold now so I am not sure if my tomatoes will turn red :(

  2. Yes...WOW! I have nothing to pick. So sad this year. You are very lucky.

  3. So wonderful. Sadly, but entirely predictably, it was the weeds that flourished in my garden. It amazes me how it continues to produce bounty though.

    I love Remi's 'eye' - that first photo is lovely!

  4. everything looks so fantastic! I will be having a garden link up party soon... probably tomorrow. Swing by and share your link!

  5. oh wow emma, it's all so awesome, your fantastic garden and all it produces and those views, incredible! how sweet your chicken loving boy is, and a budding photographer too!

  6. you have such a wonderful garden!
    I really liked looking around on your blog!

  7. Such a beautiful harvest, I love all your pictures.

  8. Beautiful! It all looks so wonderful. Enjoy your harvest.

  9. It's the best time of year, isn't it? I loved seeing photos of your harvests - thanks for sharing :o)

  10. Oh! Congratulations on your beautiful garden! Your vegetables look so good and I love your little pots of flowers! I also love your spectacular backdrop (mountains)! Enjoy your harvest!

  11. Well, as my sweetheart would say, this is so beautiful it looks fake! :) Gorgeous life! Love it!!! I must get there someday!

  12. Hi, I found you over on Homebaked what beautiful scenery in your pictures. Your vegetables looks great!

  13. We lost all but 10 cobs of our corn to raccoons this year - the little rascals! Good thing for farmers markets!