Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ringo - Our Border Collie Puppy!!

Hehe - he's brown and white really

or Chocolate and white as is says on his Official papers!

his first night home the kids set up camp down stairs with him. Needless to say during the night he left the solitude of his cushion and snuggled down in between the boys.

self service in the garage!

the boys are loving him

he's having a blast in the snow!

but wait there's more...

some friends of ours, in the next village over, have Juno, Ringo's sister!

friday they had their first play-date.

it's all very exhausting indeed!


  1. Oh my goodness all the cuteness in this post is almost too much. First cute puppies, and then cute little boys! Have a wonderful time with your new family member.

  2. Oh how gorgeous, love the picture of your boys snuggled down ready for bed with him!

  3. Oh wow, it should be illegal to be so cute! Congratulations to you and your family, and Ringo as well. :-)

  4. ah haha, this is the years cutest post emma, LOVE it. enjoy your new pup!

  5. Oh my goodness, what a cutie patootie! How fun!

  6. Oh wow - there couldn't be an iota more of cuteness about your gorgeous pooch!

  7. Oh he's absolutely adorable. I think the combination of small boys and puppies is just perfect. A match made in heaven.

  8. oh so gorgeous. He looks like he is very pleased with his new home and family:) So sweet that he still gets to see his sister too.
    I bet your keeping busy with little 16 month old twins, adorable!Hope your tree survives them and Ringo!

  9. Ack, I think I'm in love! Ringo is ADORABLE, and he looks so alert. Intelligent. Such beautiful blue eyes. No wonder your beautiful boys are enchanted!

  10. What an adorable puppy! Looks like a very happy family.

  11. cute, cute, cute! My AnnaLynn would love a puppy just like yours. :)

  12. What a cutie! My oldest would love a border collie!