Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What? Where? When?

Think Chamonix, 


imagine lots of snow...

spectators, athletes,


any guesses?

Tah dah!

The site of the 1st ever Winter Olympic bobsleigh piste!
No longer in use, it's not visible during the winter months, but come the spring you can see it snaking down the mountain in the village of Les Pelerins, just outside Chamonix.
The uphoria of 1924 continued until 1950 when the piste was definitively closed after 6 people lost their lives competing in the French Championships.

Virage des écureuils
1369.88 meters long for 156.29 meters of vertical 'decente' at a maximum recorded speed of 115m!
In the 1960's, the road that leads to the Mont Blanc Tunnel cut the piste in two, ending all future hopes of it's revival.  All that is left today are 19 hand built stone curves, the rusty old 'télécabine' pylons and a few mountain bike jumps that local kids have built. 


  1. It is so beautiful where you live. Hugs to you,

  2. What a beautiful place to live, you are truly blessed.

  3. I love things like this, hidden history over grown and now part of the landscape. Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the world :)

  4. aw that made me kind of sad! a part of history for the books now. how exciting those times must have been, watching the brave athletes. your husband would have probably competed? and if you are like me you would have covered your eyes ;)

  5. So interesting to see these photos and learn some history about this area and the Olympics. You do live in a beautiful area!

  6. I showed this to my husband. He is an Olympics Buff. We was at Salt Lake and we live in Upstate NY and visit Lake Placid.