Saturday, July 26, 2014

Le Jardin...

It's raining again!
Le jardin is looking so green and bushy, must be the days and nights and days and nights of rain we've been having!  Yesterday things cleared up a little, we even put sun cream on a one point, so I grabbed my camera to take a few pics of what's 'growing' on...

It may look a bit wild and untamed but it's really all quite orderly, with most things in neat little rows!

swiss chard, courgettes and leeks
corn, carrots, beans and potatoes
beetroot & carrots
Apart from the peas, which started rotting, nothing seems to have suffered from the 'monsoon'!  I was slightly worried about the potatoes so we dug a few up to see, and they are doing fine - just a bit small for the moment.

I planted some borage next to my courgette plants to protect them from slugs, unfortunately it doesn't work on garden pests of the furry kind!

mirabelle plums
black currants
I was even so bold as to make some sun tea - herbs and fruit brewed all day in the sun and left in the fridge over night - for a refreshing hot summers day drink. Unfortunately it's wet and cold again today!

And how does your garden grow this summer?
Is the weather causing you worry too?


  1. Your garden is beautiful Emma much more bountiful than mine :). We have had no rain to speak of since May and are constantly watering as it is also very hot. Such unusual weather for us but some things like the heat and are growing well :)

  2. Your garden looks fabulous, so lush and green. Hugs,

  3. I am just getting caught up with blog reading. Your garden looks great! We are having a cool weather week here right now. It's very odd for summer.

  4. Emma, regarding the dishcloth pattern, please go to my blog, and under "about me" (click on that) there is an email to send me your email address.

  5. your garden is looking fantastic!

  6. Wow, looks wonderful! And how I love the mountains in the background of some of your photos, just stunning.

    Enjoy your harvests!

  7. Beautiful beautiful garden! Goodness those mountains are AMAZING! What a gorgeous place you live :)