Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fruit glorious fruit - Mirabelle

Tiny and sweet, in a 'boozy' pie (as a friend called it), a mixed fruit tart, jam or simply left on the table for nibbles, this years Mirabelle are delicious and bountiful.

For the August Chamonix Ladies Book Club meeting (pot luck buffet) I used the following pie recipe...

Pastry case 
800g of pitted Mirabelles (any plums would do)
1 egg
120g sugar
100g slivered almonds
65g melted butter
100ml 'eau de vie de prune' (this is basically a distilled clear alcohol made from plums but grappa could be used as a substitute or just leave it out altogether!)

Pre-heat the oven to 180°c and bake blind the pastry case for 5 mins
Put the fruit into the pastry case and cook for a further 15 mins
Mix the sugar, egg, butter, almonds and alcohol (I used only a small shot glass full)
Cook for 20 mins or until golden

the bouquet was for Sylvie, this months book club host
... for the kids I substituted the alcohol and slivered almonds for wild raspberries, rhubarb and powdered almonds...

... and a simple plum jam was turned into something a little special with the addition of a few spoons of lavender honey.

Oh how the garden is good to us!!


  1. That sounds delicious. Yes, garden bounty is wonderful. Even if it keeps us so busy.

  2. What a delight, the gardens bounty is a truly wonderful thing. I loved the recipe for the pie. Have a good week.

  3. Yum! Looks beautiful, too... always a bonus!

  4. this all looks heavenly!!! (and delicious!!!!!!)

  5. Oh my goodness my mouth is watering. It looks so delicious.

  6. So many beautiful and tasty things we can create from our harvest :)

  7. It looks so yummy.