Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Slow Living Monthly 9 Link Up - September

Time to link up with Linda over at the Green Haven for September Slow Living Essentials

I did the Whole30 again this month, which turned into a whole25ish, when I decided to re-introduce chick peas and oats to my diet during the last week.  I still abstained from all the other non-approved foods for the 30 days and think I will continue to keep my gluten and dairy intake to a very occasional minimum.  As with when I did the 'diet' back in November, again this time I have found myself with much more energy throughout the day. I've even got my running mojo back and am enjoying regular early morning runs to the lake with Ringo.

Pickles -  my garden finally produced enough cucumbers at the same time to make three jars.

Knitting socks at the moment for Tino but thinking of new hats and mitts, we're enjoying very warm days here but the mornings are starting to have a distinct chill to them.


A bit of spit and polish and this old toy box - which itself was originally used for something else - became my new nightstand.

Running hot and cold with the baking soda/ACV hair washing and conditioning method.  I stick with it for a few weeks then my hair starts to get very dry and I end up going back to shampoo.

We're coming to the end of our garden here but Kim, who's climate seems much like ours, is still growing away on her plot.  I'm following her methods attentively to try and prolong our growing season next year.
Here's a great link for autumn gardening tips.

Since the beginning of the new school year, the boys have had school on wednesday mornings.  Up until now  schools in France had only a four day week with a 1 1/2 hour dinner break. These new school reforms were brought in as it was decided that the school day was too long 8.30 am - 4 or in some cases 4.30 pm.  Now they start school at the same time and finish at the same time but have a 2 hours and 15 minutes lunch break, thus making the hours that they actually study, shorter  (and wednesday mornings 9 am - 12 noon). It's all going great at the moment with the lovely autumn weather but in the depths of winter when temperature go between -10° and -20° this super long playtime is not going to be so much fun.  With this in mind I have agreed to be part of the school committee who are trying to put in place some kind of plan to occupy the kids for part this long break with opportunity for inside 'creative and fun' activities on those days were it is very cold or for the kids who don't want to freeze (on an almost zero budget).

Deliciously Ella Despite feeling great after the Whole30, I don't want to follow this eating plan full time.  Ella's website proposes great plant based, gluten and dairy free recipes which appeal more to my taste buds than the 'Paleo' style of the Whole30.  I'm still going to eat meat when I can get good local or organic produce and obviously as I keep chickens I'm not going to give up eggs either.
Thoroughly enjoying Ella's gluten free muesli every morning with home made almond milk or coconut milk yogurt (even if mine keeps coming out a little too runny!)

Fantastic autumn weather here, very welcome after a rather wet and cold summer.   We're doing lots of hiking with the kids who are always very willing participants provided they get ice-cream at some point during the day.  Two sundays ago we visited the Lac du Verny in Italy so they got to enjoy some delicious 'gelati'.

We also have a new arrival - Bunny, she's called.  As expected, the kids love cuddling her but are no where to be seen when it's time to clean out her droppings!!!  Ringo likes her a lot...he manages to sit nice and calm next to her for a few minutes before launching into his favorite game of 'you bite my ears and I'll bite yours' - Bunny doesn't share his enthusiasm for this!!  She stamps her hind legs on the ground when it gets to much for her and he seems to understand that this means 'go away dog'!!!

Hope you are enjoying a great autumn/spring!


  1. What a fun post today. Love that last photo.

  2. How much of the bicarb and vinegar do you use? I found it quite drying to start off with but I reduced the amounts of both (I didn't have the option to go back to shampoo/conditioner so had to make it work) I now use about a teaspoon of each in a pint of water. The other thing to bear in mind is your water is it soft or hard? If you have hard water the bicarb will not dissolve in your water very well as there are so many other minerals in it already.

    Your pickle ingredients look interesting do you pickle them with the garlic? Can you share the recipe?

    Your pictures of your corner of the world are beautiful as always :)

    1. Forgot I want to send you an email, could you send one to me so I can get your address, if that is ok with you?

  3. Great post, love the new addition, the rabbit.

  4. This is a wonderful post. Those last few mountain pictures are stunning. And hello sweet Bunny, you are pretty cute.

    Thanks for the link love, appreciate it. Hope you are having the most wonderful day. xo

  5. How lucky you are to live in a part of the world where you can take a quick trip to's a long way from Australia. Love your repurposed side table, looks great.

  6. Love the photos as usual and laugh at 'bunny', what a wonderful addition to the family!

  7. I'm interested to hear how you're getting on with Whole30. Much more energy is needed here! A lovely new rabbit, he's very sweet indeed.

  8. Haha! I have the same problem as you with the preserving! It's hard to get enough at any one time so as to preserve a good sized batch. I find each year gets a little bit better though. I guess it's true that practise makes perfect. I would love to see the dog and rabbit playing. That sounds so cute!