Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yarn Along - Peerie Weerie Things

I swear my computer and my sewing machine are in cahoots to drive me insane!!
While one refused to give any signs of life for about three weeks necesitating a visit to an expert technician, (after much difficulty in finding one), the other has developed a ravenous appetite and chews up anything that it is presented with!!!  Give me a log fire and a basket of knitting any day, the less I have to do with machines the better!!

Color work has been the theme of my knitting of late.  I continue on slowly with my Favorite Things  scarf but hold no illusions to it being ready for this winter!  But I have completed two smaller projects,
both of them from Fair Isle Style (Mary Jane Mucklestone) - I think I'd like to make everything in this book!!
These Mushroom Kellimuffs were a present to myself!

Thankfully I wasn't making them to be gifted to someone else as they came out different sizes!  It's not noticeable when they are worn but put side by side it's very obvious.  I counted the rows and stitches and they are exactly the same, it's just that I must have knitted the first one, which came out smaller, much tighter.

Luckly I didn't repeat the same error with these Peerie Weerie (very very small) Booties as they were a gift for a friends new baby.

Hot off the needles are two pairs of fingerless mitts, one for a wee lassie in Rémi's class and another a christmas gift to be sent across the channel!  My current project is 'hush hush' - if you know what I mean!!

thinking of embellishing them with a few beads...
On a bit of a Dickens reading trip at the moment.  Struggled with the first few chapters of A Tale of Two Cities but once I got a little way in I couldn't put it down!  I even convinced my father, who as a rule shuns fiction, to read it also. Now it's the poor little Pip who is occupying my evening reading time in Great Expectations.

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along and looking forward to catching up with what everyone is knitting and reading this week.


  1. my goodness those booties are so sweet!

  2. All those knits are so pretty! I especially love the colorful booties!

  3. fair isle!!!! i have quite the love-hate relationship with (LOVE) the look, but still struggle to get a rhythm to the knitting to make it a real enjoyable knit. I just finished blocking one fingerless mitt in colorwork that was looking a bit wonky----but now!!! WOW!!! I'm in love again! (I almost thought I wouldn't make the second one!)
    Yours are fabulous.....I've seen MaryJane's fair isle motifs book but not fair isle style.....gotta make those mitts!!!

  4. Some great knitting projects you are racing through all those projects. Loving the bootees.

  5. I love the booties! I have always wanted do a color work project! Yours are stunning.

  6. all those knitting projects are so beautiful,especially the sweet booties!!!
    hugs regina

  7. Your knitting is beautiful Emma. I love the mitts you have made for yourself they are gorgeous.

  8. Such gorgeous knitting projects. And Dickens, oh my, it has been awhile since I have read Dickens. Enjoy!

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  10. I thought you were making an elephant of some sort in that last photo! Lol!

    All of your projects are very beautiful.

  11. sorry about the computer :( But I love the colorwork so very pretty and cheerful!! I re read a christmas carol each year and look forward to some dickens :)

  12. You have been busy. Your knits are beautiful. I so understand your computer woes. Mine has been giving me fits at times lately too, but it is not the computer's fault. Ugh. Sorry to hear about the sewing machine too. Keep on knitting. It will keep you happy.

  13. Your Fair Isle knitting is gorgeous, good luck with the books