Thursday, February 5, 2015

Appearances can be deceptive

Isn't it funny, girls put on make-up to look older or prettier but boys, well they put on make up to scare people and you wouldn't believe how just how many people Rémi scared yesterday...

Wednesday morning at school the kids had their annual carnival and as one of the teachers aide's is a make-up artist she volunteered to help the kids get into their costumes.  Rémi went dressed as a boxer and came home looking like one that had lost every round!!!  Naturally he had to play a joke on his grandparents who fell for it hook line and sinker as did his aunty and cousin.   He only had time to wolf down a bit of lunch before getting ready for his afternoon snowboarding lesson, so he pulled the off 'scab' bit but left the blood and bruise.
Now to the nasty bit of the story which I wouldn't be telling if it hadn't ended so well.  
At 15h we got a call from his coach to tell us Rémi had had a nasty fall and that we were to meet him at the ski run so one of us could go in the ambulance with him to ER.  The rescue guys had brought him down the mountain in a full body and neck brace as he had fallen heavily on his back.  He actually looked quite perky, Richard and I where white as ghosts!
In the ambulance they carefully removed his helmet, and guess what they saw?
Jenny, the lovely ambulance lady immediately stared examining him for a face injury as did the hospital nurse a few minutes later!
All's well that ends well - It was 19h30 before we finally got to see a doctor who after taking detailed x-rays reassured us that nothing was broken or damaged - (Rémi all this time was still all strapped up but asking for pizza and a pee!).   He's now black and blue all over - but for real this time!


  1. All's well that ends well indeed, that is quite the tale.

  2. Wow, that is some great make up. Glad he is okay :)

  3. Oh my goodness what a scare, thank goodness he is okay.

  4. Wow! Glad he didn't break anything.

  5. Oh, my goodness, that's scary! Sounds like he handled it well, however, and I'm glad he's okay. And that scab is VERY convincing!

  6. Oh Emma what a scare. I. So glad he is okay. The make up is very convincing I can see why the nurses were so convinced!