Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our Little Den

Just before our last visit to Wales in April my dad mentioned that he had a present for me - it was something new but old, wasn't an antique but could become one and as we were coming by car we would have no trouble bringing it back to France with us.  I had no idea what it could be, and was more than a little sounded like a lot of thought and money had gone into this gift - what if I didn't like it.
Turns out I had nothing to worry about.

He'd bought me this amazing picture of Strumble Head Lighthouse!!!! 
It came however with a condition, that it be hung over the stairs, opposite the computer table!  The particularity of this area is that ten years after moving in it still hadn't been plastered.

I'm planning on painting the wood wall slate grey (one-day...)
Richard designed and built our house (he's not an architect or builder) and apart from his fathers help did the entire thing himself!  As this space was over the stairs it would need some pretty inventive (home made) scaffolding and quite frankly Richard was feeling pretty spent with building work and so kept putting it off.

Hi (high) up there!
But the gift was the motivation that he needed, and so it has gotten done, and not only that,  he also rustled up this wonderful book case for me in secret one afternoon!

The uprights are made from trees that Richards father planted for the birth of his oldest son almost fifty years ago, that they cut down in 2002 (our kitchen celling is made from these also),  the shelving is left over wood that Richards parents recieved from his grandmother as a wedding gift more than fifty years ago!

Years ago on the eve of my best friend's wedding we took a walk out to Strumble Head Light House with her, the future groom, her parents and my dad, all very pleasant indeed until Richard spotted a seal, then another swimming just of the coast.  Wanting to share his discovery with us he shouted "phoque! phoque!" - which means seal in french but is unfortunately pronounced like a very naughty English swear word!!!  Given as I'm a french speaker I didn't bat an eye lid but the others, wondering why Richard had taken it upon himself to stand swearing like a trooper at the water, all stood glancing at each other, in much puzzlement!!!  How we did laugh afterwards, and the incident even made it into the groom's speech the next day.

On giving me the picture my father also reminded me that when he dies he wants to be cremated and his ashes thrown from the lighthouse!!


  1. What a great gift and the fact that it lead to all those other things getting done is just amazing! It all looks great and I love the history behind it all!

  2. What a nice gift. I love the amount of light your home gets. We get so little in this dark old farm house.

  3. Such a stunning and thoughtful gift, given with love.

  4. What a beautiful home you have! And I love how your dad conspired to help get it done. There are a couple spots in my house that could use a little motivation of that type. ;)

  5. Your home is gorgeous and filled with so much love. And the gift from your dad, how lovely.

  6. i've reached the point in my life that I really only want 'stuff' that has a story.....(I consider the rest simply StUFF to get rid of!) have some wonderful stories associated with yours (along with some wonderful memories made). :)

  7. I love the picture, what a treasure. I also love that your home was built with such love with so many stories behind it.

  8. What a wonderful gift! I've seen Strumble Head Lighthouse and it's beautiful. It was very thoughtful of your father!

  9. Such a thoughtful gift and also thank you for the seal story. I have tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks just picturing the scene. I really needed that laugh this morning so thank you for that gift to me.

  10. What a beautiful picture and such a thoughtful gift :)

  11. Your house is so beautiful Emma, how special that it has been built by your husband using such treasured materials. The present from your Dad is a wonderful contribution to your house and how clever of him to conspire to get you to finish your tricky spot! Love the story too ;)

  12. Hi Emma, I'm sorry to write this here, but I couldn't find an email address.
    I am your post card swap partner, hooray. I do have your address and I've looked on google, but wanted to make sure I do this right, would you please email me exactly how I write out your address? I've had issues in the past sending items out of the country so am trying to avoid that this time. Thanks so much. Much love, Tracey
    1tims at embarqmail dot com

  13. Such a beautiful home...I loved reading the history of the wood you used and how the gift was the push needed to finish up that wall! Lovely! ;)