Thursday, November 12, 2015

Art & Artists

The boys had great fun yesterday morning making these.  
As you can see it's a wonderfully simple technique, and when the tape comes off at the end it's a real
'Ta-Da' moment!!
I hung them up whilst they were out playing.  When they 'finally' came inside and saw them, Rémi remarked that they look like 'real' art by 'real' artists.

"Well," I answered, it is REAL ART by REAL ARTISTS!"


  1. Oh they are awesome! We have done something similar with crayons. They would make great Christmas gifts :) I think my little artist will be creating some.

    Thanks for sharing, and big pat on the back to your little artists.

  2. They are wonderful! I love them. So simple, yet stunning. Definitely going to try that, thank you for sharing.

  3. It certainly is real art by real artists, very impressive!

  4. Wonderful project for creative little artists :)
    Warm hugs!

  5. Children art is my favourite. I love their 'trendy' canvas art!

  6. Real and lovely, indeed! Thinking of you and your dear family especially in light of the recent tragedy.

  7. How fun! My daughters would love doing art projects like this!

  8. What a GREAT project! I have seen this technique on Pinterest, but never tried it with my own kids.

  9. How cool, they look really effective. What a great project. They remind me of works by the artist Mondrian.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.