Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarn along - Bob's Bird house

I'm linking up to Yarn along again this week, with a project that I'm doing with Papy Bob, my father-in-law.

Using his excellent carpentry skills, Bob made us this little bird house, that I am decorating with crochet squares.
I haven't been crocheting very long so I'm keeping it simple.  I chose the colours as they remind me of the Welsh flag; Rémi thinks they remind him of Italy and my friend thinks that they are christmassy.

I'm re-reading Tiger-Tiger with the boys again; Tiger-Tiger is having a bad day! but is it really a bad day or does he just think it is? 4 simple questions (that we can apply to almost any situation) help him see things as they really are!  Byron Katie has addapted this book from a far more complicated version of one of her books for adults, but I like the simplicity of Tiger-Tiger and also it has fantastic illustrations.  I'm also re-reading Country on Ice which attempts to explain Canada's obsession with Ice Hockey.  I first read this whilst I was living in Vancover and was following the Stanley Cup,  so now that my son is a hockey player (and Richi is really getting into it) I thought I'd try and motivate myself into liking it too!


  1. You're covering the bird house with crocheted squares? Reminds me of this amazing project:

  2. Very neat looking squares. I really like the pattern on the right.
    The bird house looks very high-end!
    Fun project, thanks for sharing

  3. What a fun project. Hope to see a final result soon. The squares are in such lovely colours.