Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hole in one...

...knee that is!!
Rémi has this affliction - I call it the 'pointy knee syndrome', whatever the material or whatever the quality, the left knee of his trouser leg, lasts, in general, no longer than two weeks.
I've tryed the iron on patches, but you know what, they're great for people without knees! as soon as you bend down they peel off.
So I had 3 choices before me (a) have a scruffy looking son, (b) constantly buy new trousers or (c) learn how to sew on patches?
After seeing a tutorial on this very subject, I went with C.
Instead of cutting out patches I cut the pockets off an old (and beyond repair) pair of cargo pants, opened up the inside seams of the pants to be repaired to anable me to open the leg out flat, then just simply sewed the 'pockets/patches' on to the knee area!! and obviously closed the side seam up afterwards.

bent knee and no peeling!
It was surprisingly easy and despite the two legs not being completely symetric, the finised result looks just fine!

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