Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friendship in a tin

About 2 weeks ago my friend Sarah came back from a 6 mth stay in the US with her 3 children.  Her husband stayed here and worked very hard to build them their dream home.  We spend new year's eve in the 'shell' which is shaping up to be a fantastic house!
As a welcome home gift, the boys and myself made them a little tin of goodies.

Now I'm not sure this actually qualifies as a present 'cause I WANT IT BACK! Let me explain:
My idea is that next christmas Sarah and kids fill the tin and gift it back to us, then the following year we do it back to them and so on and so forth....
I decided to call it our 'Friendship Tin' and thought it would be fun to see how many years we could keep it going.  Sarah is cool with the idea.
I did a similar thing for my parents-in-law's christmas present by I don't expect to get the tin back next year, it's not really a french kinda thing!


  1. that is a really good idea emma, and how lucky to have a good friend close by to do it with.

  2. We give tins of cookies to a number of family and friends. I have a label on the inside of the lid reminding them that the tin must be returned if they want it refilled next year. Our neighbour usually has their tin returned before New Year's :)

  3. Hello Sweet Emma,

    This is a precious idea! I think I will do for Valentines Day!

    So good to hear from you...........last night I worked on getting your "Surprise" ready to come to your Home! Can't wait for you to get it! I have put a little bit of fun for the boys. Think they will like. to the bakery! Hugs, Linda