Monday, January 30, 2012

Ski sunday

After a client cancelled last minute on Richard we ended up having a lovely family ski sunday.  Despite the 'long face' Tino loved his first downhill ski lesson at the Panda Club,  the guy in the ski rental shop even gave him ski's with pandas on!

So whilst Tino was having his lesson we went cross country skiing through the woods.  Richard had his 'professional' head, and at one point was pointing out various summits, cols etc to the south, before Rémi, who appeared to be very occupied burying himself in a mound of snow, chirped up that the direction we were looking in, was actually the north!!! I don't know who he gets his sense of direction from, I'm capable of getting lost just going to the compost heap!
We then happened upon an igloo at the edge of the forest, and Mr 'Pro' informed us that whatever the outside temperature, the inside of an igloo is always at 0°!  Now I don't carry a thermometer at all times but once inside the igloo you can definitely feel the 'warmth'.

A little further along we came across some ruins which according to Richi are the oldest in the valley and date back to the 14th or 15th century - precise to approximately 100 yrs!  At this point I stared to doubt the credibility of the info Richi was churning out!   At the end of the session, he calculated that we had gone about 5 km - WHAT - I'm sure it was more like 50! And double that for Rémi, who is like an excited little puppy, always shooting off in-front, to the left, to the right, tearing off into the tree's, jumping of rocks!!  It's exhausting just being near him.

But at one point he did manage to keep still long enough to take a photo of us, unfortunately I have 'touched' something on my camera and all the photo's are coming out 'skinny'!


  1. lol, emma you make me laugh. fabulous photos, skinny or not, i loved coming along and learning about the history of your area. i'm gullible and believe everything i hear ;)

    great couple photo!

  2. Whether totally true or not, it does make a good story!! Loved your pictures! and the little dog analogy. I have a grandson who adds miles and miles to our walks, too!!!

  3. ps just to let you know Emma...I'm passing a versatile blogger award over to you if you are interested...

    Have another cool weekend,