Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy like sunday morning

Phew, what a few days we've had!! My little monkey has been sick on and off for the last 2 weeks, and finished up spending Thursday night and all day Friday in hospital!

Nothing serious, just the culmination of a whole series of kiddy illnesses, an allergic reaction to an anti-biotic and then being pre-scribed the opposite treatment to that which he needed!! Poor little guy, nothing could go down and nothing could come out, sort of a short circuit! But he's home now, still very tired, sleeping 17 hours a day, but has found his appetite and done a few dance moves this morning, so I think he's on the mend!!
Hospitals are not nice places; all those sick children. Nurses are such hard working caring people, whatever they are getting paid it's not enough.

So it was with some relief on my part that Rémi woke up this morning with his creative sparkly face on instead of the disgruntled adolescent one that he's been doing lately - not bad considering he's only 7!
Thus at 7am it was Lego city here, even Oban got up and 'joined' in the fun, sort of!

"Does he know what time it is?"

This lasted until about mid-day when his energy overdrive kicked in and Richard took him off skiing for the afternoon.  They met up with friends, one of whom had the strange idea of licking the chair lift pole, and got her tongue stuck to it!
Still very wintery here, going between very cold and very snow days, with more snow forecast for the coming week!

Italy, last weekend


  1. oh goodness, i'm so glad your boy is okay now, it's so nerve wracking when they are out of sorts. i always wished mine would get into mischief, that way i'd know they were better.

    all that snow and cold looks magical to a girl who lives on southern californian beach.

  2. well hello emma, got your details from your dad,i trust all is well.lenny eva and iare going to south france in 8 wks camping when i get theaddress i`llget back in touch..

    take care your old neighbour jo xx