Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn along - a little on the large side

Linking up today with Ginny for this weeks 'YARN ALONG'.

Usually no-one ever asks me to knit or crochet for them, Richard even explicitly asks that I don't make anything for him, so it's not really my fault that for the second week in a row I'll wandered from the stash bustin path!!
After flashing for a Canadian flag headband last week retailing for 35€ (I don't know exactly how much that is in £, $ etc but it's way to much for a machine knit) Rémi most sensibly agreed with me about its 'high' price and subsequently decided that I should make him one.  Guess what? no red stash!!!
So red yarn bought, I googled 'canadian flag motif' and found a few suitable models that my printer insisted on spitting out no bigger than a postage stamp!!  With Rémi's expert help we enlarged and coloured in our own grid, which I then went on to modify every couple of rows, as it was knitting up a little on the large side!

It finished up rather big, almost a hat really, but Rémi likes it so that's all that matters.

Earlier in the week I made a few more washcloths, leaf shaped, quite by coincidence.

We are re-reading two books during the school hols,'Tadlak -entre chien et loup' (Tadlak - between dog and wolf) and ' Le Dernier Trappeur' (The last trapper), written by a husband and wife musher couple, Nicholas and Diane Vanier.   Great books with fantastic pencil and photo illustrations.

To slightly deviate from knitting and books for a second, I am in some confusion!!  Last week I read a post by another yarn along contributor, Allison , concerning 'Google friend connect' and it's impending demise on the 1 March.  Allison recommends subscribing to her RSS feed.  I'm lost!!!
Does this mean that on the 1 March, I will have no followers and no longer will their little pictures pop up on my blog? and that the blogs that I currently follow via GFC will 'gone' from my reading list?  And what is RSS feed?
Sorry if I sound a bit dumb, but I'm not that good with computer 'stuff'.  You may have noticed that my blog is 'simple', it's no passion on my part for minimalism, it's just I've not the slightest idea how to add 'buttons' and bits and bobs etc.  Any enlightenment, especially concerning GFC, would be greatly appreciated.
And while we're on the subject, how do I go about getting Ginny's 'yarn along' button?


  1. Hello dear Emma just read your comment on my blog. If you go au "Brin d'Atelier" you will be crazy with nice yarn she had!!!!!!
    Be blessed.

  2. I love your headband Emma, and hope to figure out at some point why a Welsh person living in France is knitting a Canadian headband... Don't tell me, I'll get it soon, I'm sure! And I want to know about the button too - I have been calling that sweet button some other names recently, as it is obstinately refusing to move to my sidebar.

  3. Let's face it--you wanted that headband to be warm!!!! It looks great!!! You are a designer!!! (And you made someone very very happy!)

  4. oh dear emma, well, first how cute does your boy look in his hat/headwarmer?! and i'm thinking the same as south african emma, you are so interesting.

    i don't know about google connect, i'm sorry to be no help there. but you can follow someone still by subscribing to their feed. i don't know what will happen to all those dear little heads. :(
    to get the yarn along button, you want to go to the y.a. tab at the top of ginnys blog. once you are on the page, just choose which color you like and copy the entire bit below it (remember to scroll). then go to your post you are making and up on the top left (are you in blogger in draft?) you will see compose and html. click on the html and paste wherever you want the button. done!

    the other thing you can do is simply right click on the button and save to your desktop. then upload it the way you would a photo. the only difference is, ginny has the code to link, which you could do yourself. or not, but it's nice to link!

    good luck!

  5. I quite love the "large" headband, but I have to incredibly clever are your leaf shaped wash cloths...I want a whole stack of them! Is the pattern available on-line anywhere?

  6. Darn...I was hoping someone had an answer to the GFC question.
    BUT...I do so love those leafy washcloths!

  7. Oh i LOVE the canadian flag headband! That is fantastic and how wonderful that you created it with your own patter :) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the little video. Happy knitting :)

  8. Fun headband. He looks so happy. I seem to remember that Blogger blogs will still have the GFC, while the rest of us will lose it. Hmm.

  9. Hi Emma :)
    Isn't it just overwhelming when you see just how big and destructive it is? I actually had no idea what it really was like and lately they've been airing commercials on our channels showing how green and how they are protecting the forests yet you watch the movie clip and see how they are just hiding the damage they are doing with the flushing that they are doing beneath the surface of the boreal forest which in turn is going to kill it or damage it beyond repair in the long run. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes I worry about being to political or controversial on my blog because not everyone of course has the same opinions as I do but I just had to share it :)
    You had asked what the yarn was I think to and it is by Super Soxx. the color numbers on the back are 633.0011 and 715.
    Thanks for stopping by today :)

  10. emma, i forgot to ask for the washcloth pattern, will you share please?

    1. The washcloth pattern is from, and it can be found in the freebies.

    2. thank you! i'm having fun looking around t.k. com
      i didn't know about that website before.

  11. What a great headband, and the washcloths too, lovely!

  12. Those leaf washcloths are wonderful! Thanks for the link!

  13. The headband turned out great! Love the knitted washcloths as well. Your workmanship is lovely!