Friday, March 23, 2012

Stuffed GARBAGE Leaves

Today I'm linking up with Crunchy catholic momma for a meat-less friday.  My dish includes fish so I think this is ok,  I remember learning when I was younger that catholics can eat fish on fridays, right?  If I'm wrong, please delete me, well my post anyway.

Stuffed GARBAGE leaves taste far better than they sound!! in-fact the title is just rubbish, as they are actually stuffed CABAGE leaves.  But that's one of the joys of being married to a foreigner; one small substitute of a G in place of a C, add a R and my healthy, well-balanced, lovingly prepared meal turns into a joke!

So you will need:-
6 cabbage leaves blanched in boiling salted water for no more than 3 minutes.
300g of fish (I used salmon)
1 small onion
herbs (tarragon or dill work great)
2 tbsp of cream
400g tinned tomatoes
S & P

Chop the onion and herbs.  Take off the skin and any bones from the salmon and mix (in a mixer), add onions, herbs, cream and S & P.
Share this mixture among the 6 cabbage leaves, and secure them closed with tooth picks.
Poach  for approx 45 mins in the tinned tomatoes.

We had ours with rice.  And the kids will now hence-forth know this meal as Garbage leaves! - Merci mon amour!
Bon appétit


  1. hee hee that's so funny emma. it sounds like a yummy way to make garbage. :)

  2. Just had to pop in and say hello and hugs to you and your precious family. I was without internet service........did not feel good!!!!!!!!
    Spring is here.......the trees are budding out and it is garden time......wish I could share some of my plants with you sweet friend!!!!!!
    Have a sweet day and know that I prayed for you, Linda

  3. what a giggle!! I LOVE stuffed cabbage leaves and haven't made them in eons! Great suggestion! (but now I'll always think of them as stuffed garbage!!!)

  4. I can't believe it I have actually managed to link myself as a follower on your amazing blog. Its only taken how long? My next task is to upload a photo, it may take a while so watch this space. I really like the idea of making a cuddly toy to send to children in Africa, so can you send me the details for this. Elizabeth has just started knitting with my mum, (why do you think she never asked me?). I've decided I must change my childrens perception of me and my abilities, they think you are wonder women because you can actually knit/sow. Happy Yarning x