Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reading the tea 'bags'

My aeslight shawl has taken a back seat for the moment whilst I work on my spring and easter decorations.

I made this 'spring wreath' after seeing an idea from Courtney on Rhythm of the home, and added a daffodil to mine using a free online pattern.  I modified it slightly from the original as my first attempt came out looking more like a pansy than a daff - maybe the trumpet was too big or just too orange.
Pansy or Daffodil?
Also been making a few crochet easter eggs for our easter tree,

and planning on making one of these from With a grateful prayer and a thankful heart.  

Still reading 'The reason for God' (Timothy Keller) and still finding it very interesting if a little tough going at times.  I'm currently reading the chapter dealing with evolution and morals - the dilemma being that if evolution is a survival of the fittest why and how then have we developed moral standards?  So I was very amused to find this little quote on my tea bag yesterday morning!
"It is important that there is something sacred in human life"
And not forgetting to mention that I am linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along.


  1. I love those Easter eggs. I've never made those yet. Love your tea bag quote too. Oh...the door decoration is lovely.

  2. I love your wreath and your Easter tree -- such a cute idea!

  3. Looking pretty at your house :) The daffodil is lovely as are the crocheted eggs on the branches. I like that your embellished them with pretty ribbon!

    Thanks for the link back.

    Happy Easter!

  4. I'm loving that daffodil! The first one is cute too, although, you're right it is easily mistaken for a pansy. :)

  5. Such pretty Easter Eggs. I never thought about knitting or crocheting them. I just may do that next year.

  6. how pretty all your easter knitting is emma, looks like your all ready. i do miss filling my childrens baskets and decorating.

  7. What a pretty daffodil you made. Do you have a pattern link?

  8. I love the daffodil on your wreath! The egg tree is really cute :)

  9. Love your wreath! Very pretty and very creative!