Monday, June 25, 2012

Gone Fishing

Last Sunday we bought Rémi his first full season fishing permit, available in all public lakes anywhere in France, and all for 5€ (must be under 12yrs)!!! Now this I thought to myself, with visions of the Trout we caught on a trip to Italy a few years ago with big cousin Clement, could be the source of many a healthy, cheap BBQ.
Val Ferret, Italy

The permit in Italy is 40€/adult and 28€/child for the day only!, with a maximum of 5 trout per person (unless you have a wink wink nod nod agreement with the fishing warden, but I wouldn't know anything about that)
Alas you get what you pay for! In this case not much!! well nothing at all actually.

A fellow fisherman mentioned that we, and obviously him also, might have a little more success if Oban was constantly jumping in the water! - do you really think so?
Oh well never mind (lucky I bough some chicken that morning) if all else fails there's always bananas or chewy logs to be found!

Despite this, Rémi had a wonderful time, and is enthusiastic about going again.  Fine by me! I got to sit and knit (yes, in public no less) and Tino amused himself pulling faces and playing in a small stream near by.
Unfortunately 3 garden worms perished for our efforts!


  1. What a fun trip, even if there were no fish caught! Your boys' faces are priceless!

  2. oh wow it's gorgeous there. what kind of fish will you catch emma? cute photos of your cute boys. and i'm so glad you brought your knitting!

  3. You Photoshopped the children onto that background, that could not possibly be a place where real people live! What a setting! Your fellow fisherman was very subtle, I had to smile. I fear, in our case, it would not have been the dog making splashes. As with so many things, I think I will wait till the twins are 8 before we go fishing!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog via Soule mama, hoping to come to your part of the world next year for some mt biking/ family holiday - looks fantastic place to live.