Sunday, July 1, 2012

Marathon Man & Son

Today Richard missed his own personal record by 1 minute only after finishing, for the 3rd time, the Mont Blanc Marathon (42 km  elevation gain +2511m, -1490m)

After an extremely hot day yesterday for the 10 km, Cross du Mont Blanc 23km, and various kids events, todays runners, and we the supporters, welcomed this mornings cooler temperatures.
For the past 3 years Rémi has competed in the 800 m mini cross but this year a trip on some tree roots lost him not only his shoe but 'valuable' seconds!!  As usual all children who took part received a medal and went away feeling, and looking, like winners.

Papy Bob

This is the boys second competition in the space of a few weeks; on 17 June they ran La Combloranne (18.5 km Richard, 4 km Rémi).  Very uncharacteristically Richard finished his race a little 'unhappy' despite a decent performance, but Rémi on the other hand, was ecstatic on finishing his and announced that next year he was signing up for the 13 km. GO REMI!
La Combloranne
The official results got a little mixed up, apparently someone took 2h58 to do 4km!, but Rémi heard the guy on the micro say 10th as he crossed the line, and was more than happy with that!

what's up buttercup?
Tino is still to young to enter any events and me - too lazy!!  In previous years I have competed and must admit to feeling a little bit guilty today to have been such a sloth of recent months. Shame on me!

This is a group of disabled runners, not a great photo, so I'll explain it.  There are two special wheel chairs being rolled by teams of four who alternate between pulling and running.  And right at the back in pale green are the blind runners and their guides, all of who followed the regular 42 km race route.

Richard has a disabled friend, who lost his leg in a road accident when he was 15, and who is now a member of the french disabled ski team, so I am fully aware of the incredible talent that disabled athletes posses.  But still, seeing this peloton today filled me with admiration and brought tears to my eyes.


  1. Hello,
    I got your sweet, sweet comment on my blog you beautiful Mommy! Thank you.

  2. oh hey! huge congratulations to richard and remi. i can't imagine running at that elevation. and missing your personal best for only one minute sounds good to me. i always remind my husband we're another year older (i used to compete too, triathalons). and i know that feeling too, being at these events, makes you feel a bit wistful for the competitive days.
    it's so beautiful where you live emma.

  3. Wow! Congrats to the guys for finishing their runs.