Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creative Friday - Play Kitchen

A little while back I saw this play kitchen by Karen over at Bare feet and a free spirit, liked it a lot and then the very next day stumbled upon this old desk thing at my sister in law's
pretty ugly hey?

Well my little brain got to thinking that if I (meaning the kids would do most of the work) could just sand off all that horrible varnish, and then just give it a few licks of clear vanish then maybe we would have ourself the beginnings of a play kitchen!

Despite the boys best efforts we couldn't get all of  the awful varnish off and underneath what we did manage to remove, was a sort of unattractive  plywood.
Plan B - we paint it!

And using Karen's chef d'oeuvre as our model, Richard (he still won't let me near the electric tools) cut out a space for our sunken sink, stuck on some cork hot plates and a couple of wood knobs and handles.  Added some pans and baskets and some play food and volia...

Natalie, s.i.l, also brought over a basket of polystyrene fruit, which I'm sure the dog will chew to bits in the near future, but it will do just nicely until I have knitted up some more fruit and veggies.
Linking up with Linda this week for Creative Friday, and if my memory serves my correctly, Linda posted a knitting pattern for an apple only very recently, which I'm sure will go very nicely in our wee kitchen.  The aubergine comes from Craft Bits and the muffins from Womans Weekly Knitting and Crochet special April/May 2011.
Have a lovely weekend everybody.
Just a word to Richard's Uncle Guy, should he be reading this - I'm sorry to say such mean things about your old student desk! hope you don't mind it's new lease of life.


  1. it looks gorgeous, well done! I love that you included dish brush, cloth and detergent, what a great idea (that I may have to steal!) I bet the little ones are enjoying it, ours gets a fair bit of use

  2. fantastic emma! i love the transformation and i bet the kids do too. your knitted fruit is perfect!

  3. Ooh I love it Emma, such a great transformation!

  4. That kitchen is so cute, didn't we all dream of exactly that kitchen as children? I know I did :)

  5. What a wonderful way to repurpose an old desk. I love it! Well done!

  6. That turned out fantastic! Way to go!

  7. This is such a fabulous repurposing! I've been scouting out some old furniture to convert into a play kitchen as well, but no luck so far. I like your cork burners; a good, QUIET idea. Perfect!

  8. I love the play kitchen! I think I enjoy playing in my daughter's kitchen more than she does. I love to make play food for it too. I have a tutorial on my blog (in the "freebies" for making a softie pastry bag. You can get it here: