Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yarn Along - Playing hookie!

There's been more crochet going on here than knitting of late, some how it felt more summery.
Despite living along way from the sea I made this beach bag

in it's present state it's not very practical as anything remotely heavier than a beach ball makes it sag!   My sister in law is going to line it for me with some fabric to try and make it a bit more sturdy.

Using  spagetti yarn made from old t-shirts I made a 'oval' rag rug but I think I got my calculations wrong somewhere as, if you look carefully on the left hand side, you can see it's a bit lumpy!  This 'yarn' works up really quickly but you need a lot of t-shirts for even the smallest project.

I'm not yet hooked on crochet,  knitting is definitely my first love.  So as autumn has brought increasingly chilly mornings, I made this little hat for Tino.  I saw the model on (sorry but for some reason I can't get the link to work?) and liked the changes she had made so I modified mine likewise.

 Also made a bit of play food for the new play kitchen, will post more about than on Friday.

It's been a while but I'm happy to be linking up with Ginny this week for Yarn Along, we have a very busy wednesday with swimming and ice-hockey practice so I will have to wait patiently until the end of the day to see what delights everyone else has been making.
Almost forgot the reading part!! I'm down to the last of the little house books - The First Four Years- but it's only a short book so I'm trying not to start it's yet as otherwise it's going to be finished to quickly!.


  1. I love all of your projects. I made myself a market bag, similar to yours and it does sag with heavy produce in it. I am looking for more patterns. Love the play food. I am collecting patterns to make play food for kids toys, to sell at the Farmer's market next year.

  2. Oh I really like the play food - I know my children would like playing with them.

  3. I'm sure that once you line the bag that will help the sagging! And that toy food is great - I've got a few babies in my life (not my own!) that are quickly growing into toddlers, and I think knitted or crocheted food is a fantastic gift idea, thanks!

  4. beautiful projects emma! you have been busy! your beach bag is so cute, tino is so cute, and his hat too. i began a rug years ago, must try to finish someday! and the fruit is so pretty, lovely colors. i do know what you mean about knitting vs crochet, i try to like it (crochet) but find i want to only knit. :)

  5. I have a rug almost just like that in my laundry room, to be finished soon... In the mean time I find it hard to make the laundry room look tidy, what with that half finished rug in there, so I just give up and pull the door shut whenever it bothers me too much ;D. I love amigurumi, but its true, knitting is just so much more soothing!

  6. Oh! I LOVE your stripey hat! I'm actually in the midst of knitting another one (can't find the first one), but I'm having trouble getting the gage right. I'm guessing someone's head has grown considerably since the last one I knit. Or maybe the yarn is thinner. I've had to frog the thing TWICE now. Sigh.

    And your rug is FAB. Rag rugs are my favourite.

    And the knitted food is making me hungry :-)