Thursday, November 29, 2012

Secret Santa

This year I signed up for Marigolds Loft Secret Santa Handmade, and was given Regula as my Secret Santa.
Yesterday, on arriving home from an unsuccessful shopping trip to buy a new sofa, look what was waiting for me...

Ohh so much colour, I love colour! Rainbow is my favorite shade.
As I was home alone this morning, I had to use the auto portrait option on my camera, not the best photo I know, but I just wanted to include of picture of me wearing my beautiful new hat!

Just a few days earlier I also received this...
A beautiful necklace with a beautiful story behind it -
I recently shared with Linda from Prairie Flower Farm, the story of a tea-pot necklace that I had bought for my mother many years ago. I have no idea what became of that necklace, and don't even remember seeing it when I went through her jewelry after she died. Until reading Linda's post about a watering can necklace that her daughter had just bought for her, I must admit I hadn't really given the 'tea-pot' much thought.
So, what did Linda do?  she went out and bought me one and sent it all the way from Kansas, with a note thanking Me for being me!!!  She said that it was for me to remember my precious mother, and that it does, but also I will always think of Linda when I wear it, who I will probably never meet in the flesh, but who is never-the-less a dear friend across the miles.  
Thank YOU Linda for being YOU!


  1. Hi sweet Emma......thanks for the heads up! You are so precious! I am so glad you like your little watering can......not a tea pot like your Momma's but still fun!!!!
    I love you in your hat! Adorableness!!!!
    Oh my dream is that one day we will meet each other in the flesh!!!!!! If not hear in Heaven for sure. Love you sweet friend, Linda

  2. Hi Emma,
    Oh I love your new goodies, you are such a lucky lady :)
    Thank you so much for taking part in Secret Santa Handmade this year, I hope to see you next year again.
    Have a super festive season.

  3. How beautiful. I've never participated in something like that. How nice for you.