Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yarn Along - Cosy

Linking-up with Ginny for Yarn Along in the morning, and looking forward, in between swimming and ice-hockey practice, to seeing what everyone has been knitting and reading this week.
I discovered both my books, If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name (Heather Lende) and The Winter Sea (Susanna Kearsley) via Yarn Along and was far from disappointed by either.  I don't have time to read durning the day but oh how The Winter Sea tempted me!! I found myself sneaking over to the stairs rationing my time to  "one page OK no more"  but as you all know, one page is never enough..
Fortunately Richard was home this week laying the new wood floor upstairs so I manage to curb my reading impulses, for what kind of wife would I be, if while he was measuring, cutting and sawing with patience and precision , I was immersed the passions and betrayals of planning the Jacobite invasion of Scotland?

Yesterday I received the latest copy of the Mother Bear newsletter, and realized that I had, of late, been neglecting my contributions to the project.  Thus I got myself back on track!  This months newsletter included and article about Mary and her two daughters (she had 11 children in all) who knit together for the project.  I would really like to knit bears with others but have had little success in getting women to join me, I mean in the physically-in-the-same-room-sort-of-a-way.  I recently had a nice chat at a party (yes I talk about knitting at parties!) with a friends husband, about knitting next to the fire of an evening, and he said he thought it sounded like a fine way to spend la soirée.  So maybe I've been barking up the wrong tree(s), and should be asking the men folk I know if they would be interested in making a few bears!
Anyways, I'm still more than happy to be 'knitting' along with all you lovely people in blog land, even if we are not in the same room or for the most part not even in the same country.

Also finished the boys bottle cosies.  These knitted up quite quickly, very easily and seem to be a great success with the little chaps!

They are knitted in almost one piece, the one side longer than the other, that is folded up to close the cosy.  The neck is knit afterwards, on a circular needle and left open for filling the bottle.  These would make great christmas presents, but I don't like the idea of knitting the same thing three times in a row, so I've put them on my to-do list for next year.  The pattern came from the December edition of  Simply Knitting.


  1. aw emma, i hope you do get a few moments to read your books, i remember those years well. the cozys are so great, the boys surely think what an awesome mama they have. i have to remember those for future gifts. i would love to sit and knit with you too!

  2. How exciting Emma to be having new flooring put in! We did two rooms last spring and it really made such a difference, I love them.
    Like Lori, I will have to remember water cozy's for gifts, my boys would love one.
    I do hope you find a little time to read, I wrote down The Winter Sea so I can order a copy, I adore the title.

  3. I LOVE the hot water bottle cozies, what an awesome idea! We have some that could use some new covers, and now I know how to make them. Thanks for the idea and good luck training for your 1/2 marathon. We run/walk together several times a week and I find company makes it a lot more fun. :-)

  4. Lovely hot water bottle cozies!! I love the Winter Sea, I hope you get to it soon!

  5. why do I always forget about water bottle cozies??? great gift idea!! and lucky you to have the floors done before the holidays!!! what a treat!

    I LOVED WInter Sea!!! :)

  6. water bottle cozies, what a great idea. they look so good.
    your bear looks great. and i so know what you mean about the books, lol, always sneaking off for a page or two.

  7. Such a sweet little bear. And your cozies look great. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  8. Those hot water bottle cozies are awesome! and what an adorable little bear, a bit sassy lounging there like that ;-)
    Happy knitting!

  9. I love those hot water bottle cosies, they would make great pressies!

  10. Oh, that's funny - when I first started knitting, I said to my husband that knitting really seems like something men would enjoy. I still don't understand why more of them don't don't do it.

    Your knits are lovely. I'm loving the idea of the hot water cosies as gifts. Those are the best kind of gifts, beautifully handmade with love AND functional!

  11. The hot water bottle cozies came out really nice! You say they worked up quickly, but they look complicated :)Perhaps I will give the pattern a try after the holidays. Thanks for sharing!