Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas crafting

Christmas crafting is in full swing here. With growing numbers of teachers, aunties, nieces boyfriends, hockey coaches etc in our lives, 'handmade' is not only the most fun way to make gifts but also the most frugal!
The 'honey lady' at the saturday market sold me some huge sheets of bees wax so we've been 'rolling our own' and cookie cutting candles, which smell fantastic, even before they are lit.

Last year I kept all the christmas cards we received, which was a lot.  This isn't a tradition that seems to be very popular in France, but 'back home' in the UK, it seems to be as popular as ever.  So this year I have been cutting them into rounds, punching holes around the edge and simply crocheting with fantasy yarn, through the holes.  These then double as gift tags, and as I have left a long loop on them, can also be used as christmas tree decorations. 

As usual the boys have made their Papy Tatoo (my father) their very own special card, this year it was a joint effort involving pop-up snow men.

Yesterday evening I planned on making play dough and felt trees, but the boys were having so much fun with the pink glittery cinnamon smelling dough that we didn't have time for anything else.  It was meant to be a deep christmassy red but despite using up a full tube of food colour it stayed pink.
CHC - Chamonix Hockey Club
I'm having a bit of trouble with 'red' at the moment.  I went to the 'bonbon' shop in town on wednesday in search of  red and white peppermint sweets to make peppermint bark but came away with this mix of colour, which the salesperson informed me, included peppermint.  Smells very strongly of clove to me.  Never mind I'm sure they will do just fine.
So this weekend, somewhere in between ice-hockey practice and ice hockey matches, I'm going to be taking inspiration from passengers on a little spaceship, and cutting and snipping and glueing to my hearts content,
and making a few more mince pies as these ones got eaten up very quickly indeed!

Oh, and knitting off course!!
Cowl for m.i.l christmas present.
Almost forgot - linking up with Linda for Creative Friday.


  1. Thanks, Emma, for your kind comment on my blog. It means so much when the compliment comes from another crafty person and I can see that you are that! The pop up snowman card is my favorite! I taught kindergarten for YEARS and we did something quite like that one year.

  2. Love all the Christmas crafts :) So cute

  3. It looks so cozy, the crafting with your children. I love the results especially the candles and your knitting work looks very beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment!

  4. Hmmmm mince pies, yummy, just found a local English shop :) So obviously I have bought loads of ready made mince and finished pies for the season ;)
    Love the crafts you have been busy with!

  5. My goodness, what an amazing flurry of activity! Love the beeswax candles, so sweet!

  6. Wow! Lots of making going on in your the beeswax candles! And nifty idea with the cards...your cowl is looking great!

  7. I love the lace of your cowl, gorgeous! Lace knitting is my favorite. Looks wise that is, I find it difficult so its not my favorite to do.
    I found my first waldorf doll a bit tricky but I know lots of people do them as a first project. Here is my favourite tutorial
    One thing I would suggest is if you have trouble machine stitching the knit fabric hand stitching will be easier. I'm hand stitching two dolls at the moment and it really doesn't take too long.
    Let me know how you get on, if you have any difficulties i'm more than happy to help

  8. Wow, you have been very busy this season.

  9. I'm rather fond of the crochet card Christmas decorations. Happy New Year to you Emma. Christmas sounds like it was a lot of fun.