Sunday, December 23, 2012

Friendship in a tin - the return!

Last year we kicked off a new tradition - Friendship in a Tin!  We filled a tin with homemade christmas goodies and gave it to our friends, who this year, as the 'tradition' demands, filled it up with their homemade delights and gave it back!!!
Thank you Sarah and family!
Yesterday evening I finished icing the christmas cakes. One for my friend Jane,

and one for us.

For Jane's cake I used a Delia Smith recipe, which has been in print and unchanged for over 28 years and "she makes no apologies for it".
But for ours, a ligher newer Delia Smith recipe, as Richard doesn't go a bundle on traditional christmas cake.
Today we lit the 4th advent candle, and tonight and tomorrow will be filled with finishing off christmas gift making - chocolate covered coconut balls, before spending Christmas eve, just the five of us.
Everyone has requested something special to eat:- Rémi - extra spicy guacamole, Tino - green olives and hummus, Richard - sushi, me - prawns and smoked salmon and Oban the doggie - Lamb dog biscuits (and anything else she can seek off the table when nobodies looking!!)

Christmas cards - another tradition still going strong!


  1. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!

  2. I tried to leave a comment when I was in hospital but it didn't happen! Here I am again. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and now I'm wishing you and yours Happy New Year. Joan

  3. oh very beautiful cake !
    votre gateau à l'air très bon !
    bisous de FRANCE