Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yarn Along - Mint Choc Chip

Look what arrived in the post on Monday...

lovely aren't they.  Can you guess what I have in mind?
Give up?
Ok then I'll tell you..
A ripple blanket.
and I'm going to call it Mint Choc Chip.  

I've been wanting to make one for quite some time but was completely stuck on the colours. So I just put the project on hold until further inspiration came to me.

But first things first, I must finish my Shalom.  I crammed in some extra knitting hours this week when a ragging wisdom tooth woke me very early on Monday.  Luckily my dentist could see me that very morning, and we all know what a visit to the dentist means - waiting room.  Turns out Richard knows the receptionists, so word will no doubt reach his ears that his wife has been knitting in public again!!
The offending tooth was promptly yanked and I was given some strong painkillers and told to go home and knit rest all afternoon.
This morning however, temptation got the better of me!! I just had to see how blanket colours were going to look together, so I made a little cozy for my avocado plant!  But I haven't cast-on the blanket, I do have some degree of will power!

I also made a cozy for my Hyacinthe and adorned my 'new' craft cabinet with it.
see the wee house in the background - that's the farm my father was brought up on!
I almost gave this dresser away a few weeks ago.  But instead decided use it to display my stash yarn and a few other trinkets  It's amazing what some de-cluttering and a few balls of yarn can do for a thing.  It is 80 years old and belonged to Richard's grandparents so I'm glad now that we didn't end up parting company.

Just finished reading a bit of a strange book - Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger.  It's a ghost story involving  two sets of identical twins, swapped identities, death, reincarnation (of sorts) and a small white kitten.  I didn't particularly feel anything for any of the characters except maybe Matin, a middle aged man with OCD who has his wisdom tooth yanked by an undertaker, in his kitchen as he is incapable of leaving his flat.
Hoping that my Amazon order will arrive today!
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  1. I love your crocheting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice.
    Emma for the cherry pie I use the juice from the cherry can. Hope you got this message before you made the pie. Do you come to Villard de Lans for the hockey??? If yes, please say me so we can have some tea together!!!!! Many blessings to you.
    Oh for my reading, love it much and the cookies recipes are absolutely......... yummy yummy my daugther want to give a try to all the recipes.
    Hugs from Villard de Lans

  2. Love the colors of the blanket, they are going to be beautiful. I read that book a while back and was frankly perplexed the whole time. I wanted it to be more than it was, it was just weird.
    Hugs to you,

  3. I love those colors! Very nice! I love the cozies too.

  4. I love the name of your ripple blanket, Mint Choc chip, I must admit, that is my all time favourite combination in sweets, and your yarn looks just as good, can't wait to see the progress :)

  5. i would have a time choosing colors too emma, you did brilliant. sorry about your tooth, but glad all is well and you were able to knitrest, hee hee. and your cupboard. you did NOT almost give that beauty away! omg if you ever feel that impulse again i will fly over and personally take it off your hands. oh my goodness it is beautiful, a perfect place for your treasures. i did see the photo, that is so cool. i love the family history of your things.

  6. What a gorgeous piece to display your yarn. And those colors will be delightful for your blanket. It could even be called Avocado Madness!

  7. that's a great idea to make a cozy to test out colors. I love those colors together! Looks just like chocolate chip mint icecream!

  8. I think a mint choc. chip ripple blanket sounds lovely! And I love your use of that beautiful old dresser. I recently read the same book - so strange, but an interesting read!

  9. absolutely PERFECT name for your blanket!!! how could you resist as least starting it?????? love the pot cozy---afghan is going to be quite amazing!!!

  10. I love the name you chose for your blanket - it is spot on! Can't wait to see the finished product! And I'm so glad you kept that cabinet - it's gorgeous. :)

  11. That blanket is going to look great. Sorry about your tooth, not fun, but at least a little bit of extra knitting got done. And that dresser, it is beautiful!

  12. lovely the colors. and your dresser is a dream!!!
    by the way i like your blog!
    have a nice sunday,

  13. What a dresser - that was a close shave - bet you would have kicked yourself if you'd let that go. Thanks for coming to visit old Squinty! I'm for a little nosey around your blog x

  14. Mint Chocolate Chip! I love that, and the colors are beautiful!
    I'm working on a ripple too ~ it's a BBBB!
    The dresser is just beautiful. I couldn't have let that go.
    Enjoy your week!

  15. Those colours are great and how wonderfully and aptly you named the blanket-to-be! Love the plant cozies, and that dresser is incredible!