Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yarn Along - F.O + W.I.P

Pardon me - Great Crochet Spirit!  I didn't mean what I said.  Crochet is not the grumpy old neigbour of knitting!! it was just frustration speaking. But still, must make a mental note than when casting on a very long chain and then attempting the foundation row, first banish small boys with elastic band propelled paper airplanes from the room!!
Yes this means I have started my ripple blanket.  Quite a rocky start to my ripple!  kept making teeny tiny mistakes but not noticing them until well into the next row.  And while ripping out crochet is far easier than ripping out knitting, only ever one stitch on the hook, it is every bit as disheartening to see rows of 200+ stitches coming undone.   Finally got into the swing of  4 x 4 repeat pattern and am starting to enjoy the project.
for oodles and oodles of crochet inspiration visit Lucy
Funny thing is, that although I'm very pleased with the colours and the pattern, crochet still doesn't hit the spot like knitting!! I doesn't call out to me "hey Emma, forget the housework for today and come and have a ripple with me", it doesn't make my fingers itch in anticipation the way a knitting project does.

So this also means that I have finished my Shalom.  I'm rather pleased with it!! the only thing is the arm holes, they sort of feel too big...
strange arm pose to illustrated big arm holes!
... would it be very naughty of me to stitch them up a bit?  I mean no one will really know will they if we don't tell them!!
I'm still searching for the perfect yarn for my next knitting project, which will have to remain "hush-hush" for the moment as it is a birthday present for someone, so I have decided to make a patchwork pocket for my 'newish' telephone.  I'm determined to learn to sew this year and this seems like a nice small thing for a beginner.
Reading a chess for children book with Rémi at present.  We are both absolute beginners, but we are now getting into games that last two, one hour sittings!
Lac Vert - the water was very cold, he didn't fall in!!
Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along this week.  


  1. A ripple is great to have on hand to work on, just pick it up for a few rows and watch it grow. I have that sweater on my Ravelry page, I really like it. Just stitch those arm holes up and you will be happy.
    Hugs to you,

  2. I love your blanket!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would love to crochet one for me too!!!!
    You can buy the chocolat chips murder it's a great "récréation" reading (I'm sorry I don't have a paper copy it's on my kindle so I can't send it to you)

  3. I love your Shalom, such a nice colour, I don't see why you couldn't sew them up, I don't think anyone would notice ;)

  4. Stitch away - it's your project!
    I LOVE your ripple blanket and I cannot see a single mistake but I know what you mean about crochet not quite hitting the spot in the way that knitting does. It's fast once you get going with it, isn't it?

  5. Love the ripple blanket, the colours are very pretty together. Your feelings about crochet I have about knitting. Crocheting makes me feel good, knitting doesn't. Funny:) Your Shalom is beautiful!

  6. That ripple blanket is gorgeous! I would love to make one, but I have issues with crocheting.

  7. Love, love, love the colors in your ripple blanket -- so calming. :) I've yet to cast on a Shalom, but I say it's your sweater, stitch away!

  8. I'm so glad you were honest about the ripple because it's the main reason I want to learn to crochet. Knowing what you said about the knitting 'calling' and the ripple.. not, well that makes a bit of a difference. I still want to make it, but maybe no rush. I hear my knitting calling.. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Your ripples look nice. I like the colors you picked. I think your sweater looks good on you. Good luck with the chess. I'm visiting from Yarn Along.

  10. your ripple is looking great!!!! I've knit a ripple, but never crocheted one (I'm just a granny-gal when it comes to crochet!) you are tempting me!!!

    I think I agree---I'd sew up those arms just a little. It really looks nice; I think that would give it a bit more shape, though. (Happy dance---a FO!!!)

  11. Love the ripple blanket and the colours are great. And your Shalom, it is gorgeous. I think it is the next project on my list :)

  12. No one will notice if you sew up those sleeves a bit. I'll never tell! I agree that crochet is great, but oh the allure of knitting. (Am also a fan of Lucy - such amazing colors and designs)

  13. The blanket is going to be awesome!! My daughter has a ripple blanket (made by an aunt) and I've been thinking about making one for myself. Need to figure out how to first... Love the shalom! If it bothers you, sew up the arm holes. It is your shalom after all and you should have it fit the way you want it to.

  14. your sweater looks so cute on you emma, maybe try sewing and see what you think? either way it's cute! your ripple is going to be beautiful!

  15. I have yet to knit the Shalom. I like the colors. Ultimately, it's up to you to stitch them up or not.

  16. Well done on starting your ripple - it's going to look great x

  17. Gorgeous colours in your ripple blanket, I liked the "mint choc chip" description. I feel about knitting how you feel about crochet. Crochet for me is relaxing and enjoyable, whereas I am hunched over my knitting terrified that I will drop a stitch.

    Gillian x

    ps. Sew up the arm holes on your Shalom if you want - you made it and no-one will ever know!

  18. I wont tell anyone if you sew adjustments to your sweater,if you don't tell that I totally do that too!! Yay for your sewing!! you can do it!!!

  19. I'd totally sew the hole together if I was you, why not?!
    You should make it any way you need so you can love it and feel great in it!
    Since I don't knit I can't say if I'd prefer that over crocheting, but the reason I started learning to crochet was the cute little animals I saw people made. Just this week I finally had enough courage to start my first animal pattern, a panda bear :)