Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yarn Along & Camera Advice please!

Finished Tino's second sock, got a big 'feet up' of approval from him, but we are experiencing a slight saggy sock problem.  After a few hours of wearing they tend get all loose and won't stay up, which he doesn't like!
I think maybe I should have done the entire leg section in rib, might have made them tighter.

Knitted up this cowl super quick, with the remaining Noro yarn from my Shalom, as a wee  gift for a friend. Whilst I was making my Shalom, she commented that the yarn was her colour, so I was jolly happy when I'd finished it and realized that I bought one whole skein to much. I knew just what to do with it.
 I'm happy to say it was well received.
Bit off a little more that I could chew here, when I cast on these socks from Marigold's Loft.  The pattern is easy to follow and Natalie has included an excellent photo tutorial, but I'd just forgotten how long 'man sized' socks take to make.  These were intended as a birthday present for this coming weekend but there's no way they will be finished in time, so plan B gift has been bought and these will be put away for christmas.

Now if you don't mind me asking, I'd like a spot of camera advice. At the moment I have a little compact Olympus, which I'm very happy with but I'd like to get myself and SLR.  I'v been looking at the Nikon d3000/d3100 which are about my budget (400€) but would welcome any other suggestions.
Years ago in uni I had this Nikon FG.  It's broken now but the 'problem' with it was that it was all manual.  This worked fine for me at the time, as the pictures I need to take were 'still life' type but now I'm needing it as a family camera - autofocus- as kids and 'still' don't go too well.

As a word in it's defense, I think it is far more attractive than what seems to be on the market these days.  I like the metal and heavy duty plastic and the big knobs!  Everything now seem so flimsy, 100% plastic and stream lined. Sort of  like cars!  I love the old white walls with curves and chrome.
Elba Island, Italy, where everyone had one of these two seater, 3 wheel  beauties.
Built for comfort not speed!

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along this week.


  1. Wonderful work. Love the cowl.

  2. oh how cute are those socks! it is possible to add some threadlike elastic in the ribbing? i used it many years ago and it worked well. i love love love your cowl emma, what a lucky friend to recieve it! good luck with the man size socks too.

    i LOVE vintage film cameras too, i still use a pentax and yashica that feel so good to hold, the weight i love, and they take great photos. i don't know about nikon, i use canon, and they make the rebel series entry level dslr's (did you mean digital?)and all are excellent. a good place to compare is b & h photo.com based in nyc. they have almost everything and reviews too. have fun choosing!

  3. Your knits are wonderful! I really love that cowl - it looks gorgeous when worn. On cameras, I have no advice. I use a Canon dslr which I purchased with my Airmiles. (It was so lovely to not shell out any cash.) Like Lori said, enjoy the choosing.

  4. Love your knits, man sized socks take ages especially when they have really big feet. Hope you get them made for Christmas.

  5. I love those feet sticking up in the air, have you tried to sew in a little bit of elastic thread? might be just the thing his little legs need to hold them up.

  6. What a busy knitter! The cowl is my favorite. Nice job!

  7. I've had the same problems with socks before. Maybe pull a thin elastic through the ribbing to help them stay up... Love the cowl! The yarn is gorgeous and I adore the buttons you chose for it!

  8. Your socks are lovely, I have also found when I knit socks, they tend to slip down. The cowl is beautiful:)

    I'm not too sure about camera advice but I use a Canon Power Shot SX10IS, have used it for the past 5 years and I love it!


  9. Love the socks and the great shot of them :)

    I just bought myself the Nikon D3200 with some gifted money, love it. Although I still have a lot to learn about it.

  10. The socks are great and your cowl is gorgeous, love the colors!!

  11. I love your cowl - so pretty...and those buttons are pretty awesome! I don't have any camera advice for you, unfortunately. For as much as I use one, I don't know a lot about the different brands!

  12. Don't go saying negative things about finished socks or the process... I was just getting up the nerve to try them! :)
    Your friend is lucky to have a friend who pays attention when she remarks. Lovely cowl. I'm afraid I am a bit ignorant in the camera department so I'll leave the advice to all of the amazing photographers out there.

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. No advice on the camera from me. Great projects! Regula

  14. Love to knit socks - different yarns and techniques - love it all. My experience has been that fewer stitches, a bit shorter in the heel flap and a bit of cotton in the yarn helps the slippy baggy thing. Also, a rib all the way to the toe helps (top side only). Hope this helps - keep knitting socks - it is the one item you can't have too many of.

  15. I love the retro look of your Nikon. I use a Canon DSLR 1000d (an older style model bought on sale) and like it very much as it has an automatic setting for when you're out and about, but you can turn everything to manual too for when you have more time.

    Love the knitting projects though!

    Gillian x

  16. Wow ~ you sure do create some beautiful things with those talented hands of yours! Knitting socks seems so complicated to me. I do greatly admire them!

  17. No camera advice, but I do love the sock colour on the first pic and nothing like home-knitted socks on children, I know my youngest son always complains that I don't make him enough socks!

  18. Ooh, loving all your knitted goodness, Emma! Just beautiful.

    In regards to cameras, I love my Nikon dslr to bits! Older Nikon lenses will work on their new dslrs but are limited to manual mode for some models (could be a bit of fun if you still have any lenses lying around from your uni days). Best of luck with your decision - I'm really excited for you! (Check out Ken Rockwell reviews online for more info) :)