Thursday, February 28, 2013

Always getting under my feet!

What ever I was doing, one thing was for sure, Oban would be under my feet whilst I was doing it!
Yesterday we buried her ashes under the house.  With more than 2 meters of snow still on the ground, which will remain frozen well into late march, we had no possibility of burying her body in the garden.  
Behind our cellar, we have an approximately 80 cm high space running under the entire house to permit access to the pipes etc if needed.  Here the earth is very compact but due to the insulation from the house above, it doesn't freeze.

So Oban's final resting place is right where she loved to be, always under our feet!!

Thank you, friends, for all your lovely words of sympathy, on my last two posts.


  1. wish i could be there to hug you. sounds like your oban is in a place in your heart too, where she'll always be.

    is that your house? wow, it's gorgeous and how i would love to see snow.

  2. I think it's nice that you buried Oban just where she most loved to be.

    2 metres of snow - wow, that's a lot! Roll on spring.

    Gillian x