Thursday, June 20, 2013

The heat is on...

early evening knitting and and chilled wine sipping spot.
After a 7 month winter, a cold wet spring, which according to Sarah Raven (The great vegetable Plot)  -'is ideal for garlic, as water during the leafy grow period produces plump cloves', summer has sent a calling card announcing her imminent arrival.  Lets hope she plans on staying a while.
For the past week we've been getting hot days and rainy nights, just what the Dr ordered for gardens and humans alike.
Summer in general is pretty short around these parts so we been eating 'al fresco' as much as possible
breakfast brothers

Picnic lunches with little friends

BBQ's with big cousins

Birthday's with CAKE

I've gone from trying to remember where I planted the spinach to frantically picking the leaves before Mr Fussy (Tino) calibrates them and deems them too big for his consumption.  The mint and oregano are battling it out for superiority in the herb patch and my hanging basket strawberries are ripening nicely way out of reach of Tricoti and Tricota.  We've had them over a month now and only three eggs - one of which they ate.   I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt as I think they are just a bit young.  Richard on the other hand thinks they are duds and wants to eat them.  I called his bluff, telling him I'll be more than happy to roast them just as soon as he's 'butched' them - he'll never do it.

The girls cooling off with a bit of juicy watermelon - although it's not as if they ever work up a sweat!


  1. That cake looks so good. We have another birthday here this weekend. We treat our chickens to watermelon too. They love it.

  2. ah, seriously gorgeous emma, i love all the photos, where you live, that knitting sipping wine spot (may i join you?) brothers, so cute! and i hope your hens start laying eggs!

  3. Hope the heat stays round for a while, love your cake :)

  4. What a lovely birthday cake! You live in a beautiful place, 7 months of winter is long though, enjoy your summer:)