Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yarn Along - Bubble Rap

I swore I'd never buy one, but I have!   
I don't even know why I was so 'anti' in the first place?

I think I perceived it as an imminent threat to the printed word!  It's not really.  It doesn't have the touchy-feely-odeur appeal of a 'real' book.  
But I must admit, this Kindle thing is pretty cool - but a wee bit fragile.  Hence the need for 'bubble rap'.
We recently discovered that Rémi probably has a mild form Dyslexia, which makes reading a bit of an ordeal.  A friend of mine who is in international development and who specializes in education and technology, told me that new, unpublished studies, are revealing that dyslexic children read more efficiently from a screen than a printed page!  And another mum, who's son is also experiencing some difficulties, pointed out that, to a dyslexic child the mere volume of pages of even the smallest of books presents a big challenge.  But when reading from screen they only perceive one page at a time - thus the task of reading a whole book seems instantly more manageable.  He seems to like it, but it's new and has novelty value at the moment...

As I bought the Kindle from Amazon, at the same time I ordered myself  The Homemade Pantry - 101 Foods you can stop buying and start making.  This is a cookery book you can really read, filled with funny anecdotes from Alana's gastronomic journey through life, oh, and great recipes too.
Veggi burgers - W. I. P
See the three eggs, they're from my girls!  They finally started laying the morning after the summer solstice!! How bizarre is that?  I'm so proud of them, they're such a pair of cuties!
Veggi burgers - F.O
Usually I'm quite immune to marketing, I have my shopping list and I don't deviate, but these bottles of belgian beer got me hook, line and sinker.  Just look at the 'papa smurf' label!  The beer itself was pretty tasty but a tad strong for a monday evening!
{Joining in with Ginny for this weeks Yarn Along}


  1. bubble wrapped kindle! how clever! For me, there is just something about a book.....but as long as we're all still reading the written word, I guess that's what really matters!!! Gotta check out the homemade kind of book!

  2. I love the case you made, what stitch is that? I want to make a small purse for my cell phone... Also, my son has dyslexia and especially when he was first learning to read, he preferred the Kindle. He could enlarge the text and I think not having a glaring white background also helped. I agree with the one page at a time too. Bigger books are less intimidating to him now. I've written about my son's struggle to learn to read on my blog. I don't call it dyslexia on there as much, because for a long time my husband did not agree with that label. Our son has learned to read so there is a bit of that feeling that I worried for nothing. He will be 10 in September and at 9 he really started taking off. He still struggles with some words though, but his fluency and speed is much improved.

      If found the pattern for my cover at the Merry Cherub.
      As you can see there are lots of other fun models - knitted, crocheted, patchwork....

  3. I also resisted the e-reader for awhile, but now I love it. I still get a hankering for a "real" book which is why I am headed to the library today, but it so nice having a little library that is mobile. Love the idea of bubble wrap - brilliant! Thanks for the tip about reading for children on a screen. I have a reluctant reader who is often overwhelmed by the bigger books. perhaps this will work for her too.

  4. Cool case, love the bubble/bobble idea. I think it is clever:)

  5. I'm in love with your Kindle case. I'll have to make one for my iPad because my kids are determined to break it! :-)

  6. very cute! and a great idea to make a case for this!

  7. I love your bubble wrap! Such a great idea. I recently got that Handmade Pantry book from the library too - I really enjoyed it. And high five for fresh eggs!

  8. I think that bit of information about dyslexia is fascinating. I know with the little ones I work with that anything on the screen is a lot more fun than paper and pencil, although we need those too.

  9. I love the idea of knitting bubble wrap! I have a few devices that could do with a similar cover. I've resisted buying a Kindle so far. I suspect that I shall give-in soon.

  10. Your kindle case looks great, the book sounds interesting too.

  11. Perfect wrapping for your new 'book'. And dinner looks delicious.

  12. HI Emma, thanks for stopping by 'my place'! I always feel like a bit of a fake joining in with Yarn Along but I enjoy finding new to me blogs from the linky list, so I guess others do too!
    I'm a bit envious of you , living in France.... it looks so beautiful. Although I grew up in Australia, I would love to live in Austria, France or England simply for the age and history of them. One day when the children are all grown.......!!
    Your bobble case looks very cute, I'm guessing it's crocheted?

  13. Gorgeous tablet case! I am a former Luddite who has very much embraced my iPad Kindle app for reading. I've been checking books out from the library, getting tonnes of free ebooks (natural living ideas) through Amazon, and generally enjoying having the ability to carry so many "books" with me at once.

    I do love real books, the smell of them and feel of them. However, after recently purging my home of a bunch of "stuff", I'm starting to feel that holding onto so many books isn't always a good thing (we used to have enough to fill a room). Sure I can't loan the books out anymore, but then again when I do they never seem to find their way back onto my shelves.

    I miss books and magazines when soaking in the tub, so I still buy gardening magazines for that purpose. But the number of times I get to have a bath by myself is quite small, haha!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

  14. Love the case, and your book is on my wish list, glad to hear you are enjoying it.

  15. that bubble wrap case is perfect! how interesting that kids with dyslexia can find it easier reading from a kindle. It makes sense that seeing just one page is less overwhelming so hopefully it will help Remi enjoy reading.
    My new chooks just started laying too! Just yesterday! I discovered two eggs laying at the edges of their cage, hopefully they decide to use the nesting area soon so I dont have to crawl in and fetch eggs each morning:)

  16. Oh and when I was making the doll yesterday I thought of you. If you want to make a waldorf doll one like the one I made would be a great first try. If your interested id be happy to do a photo tutorial as I want to make another soon

  17. Makes sense that the Kindle would be less intimidating than a book with lots of pages. The rap :) is cool too.

  18. Okay, LOVIN' the clever bubble wrap! And I must confess, I'm starting to warm up to the idea of getting an e-reader too. (Gasp.)


  19. Ooh I love the bubble wrap cover! I bet it feels wonderful.
    I had a similar struggle with trying a Kindle but got one at Christmas. I have used it a bit but it hasn't taken over from anything and to be honest, I'm using it more for the internet than for the books! I do like that it tells me the percentage of a book that I've read.
    Congrats on the eggs :o)

  20. I have that book too - it reads like fiction, I loved it. (I bought it on Kindle, hehe.) The pizza I tried to make did not taste like pizza at all, unfortunately. But I should return to it, there were many things I still wanted to try. I am so envious of your chickens!

  21. HOmemade Pantry looks like a winner. IM headed there