Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yarn Along - A Hat-trick

Not only did this knit up super quick, was an easy pattern to follow (and adaptable for different size heads) but he is actually wearing it!!  Even had to point out to him that people don't generally wear hats with PJ's!!
There is another, hot on the needles, for little bro.  I picked up this green Patagonia all-in-one ski suit at the school jumble sale a few weeks ago for 10€, and I think his hat will look rather dandy with it!

Also made this Pumpkin Hat during the week for a little friend of Tino who was celebrating her 5th birthday.

Still reading Simplicity Parenting and had an experience in 'simplifying' my own affairs this week.   For the past ten days or so my yahoo email account has been causing havoc on my computer.  Each time I signed in it systematically shut down my internet connection, and flashed up a security alert.  However everything else on the computer worked just fine.  I tried opening another yahoo account with a new user name and pass word but the same 'shut down' happened.  I have now opened a gmail account and things are working as they should be, it's just that I don't have any of my old contacts or folders and I can't remember all of the blogs that I followed by internet subscription -  I pretty much agree with all that Simplicity Parenting has to say about 'less is more', but in this case 'less is definitely not more'!
AND just this afternoon, I discovered that my paypal password is not working.  Is it possible to get some kind of virus that attaches itself to one person on a shared computer?   Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along.

a fine wood stacking hat!


  1. I love the knitted hats - thanks for the link to the pattern. I think this one might even be 'cool' enough for my eldest to wear this Winter :-)
    And that pumpkin hats is my absolute favorite - I am now on the look out for someone to knit it for. Apparently 6 and 8 are 'too old' for pumpkin hats.

  2. Hats are one of the few things I have knitted for the men of the house that they actually wear!

    Sorry to hear about your computer woes no advice from here, hope you get it sorted soon.

  3. Emma, that hat is wonderful. So sorry you are having such a difficult time with all the computer stuff.

  4. What a gorgeous pumpkin hat!!
    Well all of them actually, well-done looking great :)
    Hope the PC stuff gets sorted, sorry can't help there, not sure how it all works exactly :(
    Marigolds' Loft

  5. Awesome hats! And it's even better when you get to see them being worn.

  6. I really like your son's hat and will check out that pattern as I find it hard to find one that any of the men in my life really like.

  7. when it comes to kids' knits.....as long as they are willing to wear them....total winner!!! (this one, I even think adults would think was a winner, too!!!!)

  8. Hello, I am stopping by from Merediths page. I love your knitted pieces. We live in the Ozarks of Missouri (USA) in the middle of the woods-we are getting our firewood in now too Kathy

  9. Wonderful hats! I'm gonna check out the patterns, cuz guy-friendly hats are a challenge to find. And pumpkin heads, oh my! ADORABLE. My middling wears hats with pajamas too :-)
    On computer viruses, I'm of no assistance. But I can commiserate with you. I hope it resolves soon.

  10. Great hats. It is always nice when your kids actually want to wear what you make.

  11. Cute hats! I like yellow and mustard nowadays they work really well with various colors.
    Simplifying can help all of us. Last weekend my computer stayed turned off. And what? I must tell, I had a super-productive weekend: lot of quality time with my family, a cleaner home, tasty food and lot of knitting. I am going to do it more often!

  12. Nice find that jacket was! And such nice warm hats you've been knitting! Love the pumpkin...too cute. :)

  13. Hello Emma! So nice stopping by and perusing many of your posts that I have missed. Lots of beautiful needlework and some very cute birthday cakes too. Sweet puppy seems to be learning much. A;ways a joy visiting!

    Kindly, Lorraine