Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beauty & The Beast

It's not unusual to see Deer in the garden, enjoying our compost, but to see ten altogether - well that's quite a treat.  Not the best of pictures I'm sorry but as I moved closer to them they moved away.  Something must have spooked them for all the herd to come running out of the woods like that, so it's understandable that they didn't appreciate my camera and I trying to get a little closer.
So 'Beauty' is self explanatory but 'The Beast'?
See the yellow haze just behind them? POLLUTION!!
It's been un-seasonally cold here for weeks which means people are heating their homes more than usual (open wood fires seem to be the main culprit), add to this the traffic and - 'cough, wheeze, cough...' is what you get. It stinks - literally!
Instead of dispersing into the atmosphere the 'crap' is getting stuck down into a disgusting cloud by the cold pressure above it.  And with the valley being so narrow it has no place to go, so it just hangs around!
Alerts have been issued advising people to limit vigorous activity to higher altitudes - say 2000m!  Thing is schools are at village level and kids, well, they're vigorous activity personified!


  1. What a pretty picture -not so good when you understand about the cloud though. What a shame. Hope you get a change in weather soon to shift it. Juliex

  2. Oh no the beasts part is just awful, maybe that is why the deer came out of the woods? Hope it lifts soon :)

  3. oh dear (dear) emma ;)

    i am sad to hear, but still cannot get over your view!!

  4. Gorgeous photo, sorry about the stanky air. it's going to be 41C here on holiday in Oz tomorrow, and we are missing the Oregon winter in this kind of heat!!