Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yarn Along

Why are christmas trees no good at knitting?
Because they are always dropping their needles!!

Found the pattern for these cute little trees via Joy's blog a few weeks ago, and have been knitting them up whenever I have a few spare moments.

What little Christmas gift knitting I decided to do this year is finished:
Mugs & cozy's filled with tea's and coffees (thank you Mereknits for this idea)  I had planned on filling them with peppermint bark but I'm sure my in-law's waist lines will thank me for the liquid option.

his & her's for b & s.i.l
Reading How To Train Your Border Collie on my kindle.  Ringo seems to picking up most commands fairly quickly but is having difficulty with the 'no nipping'!!  Apparently this needs to be 'nipped' (pardon the pun) in bud during puppy's first four months!
Discovered that reading and knitting at the same time is possible with a Kindle - no need to hold it and turning the pages is so simple!

Hope all your Christmas knitting is going according to plan!!
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  1. Emma, those trees are so cute! And on wine corks! Ha! I love all the items you made too. Very nice.

  2. Love you little trees they look great, I have some Christmassy knitting on my post too! I have knitting and reading at the same time, children's book sit flat although you do have to stop and turn the page!

    Love the mugs what a great simple idea :) what is peppermint bark?

  3. I love the blue scarf! Mmmm Peppermint bark!

  4. So cute! I was a little skeptical about coffee cozies until I started getting coffee at a local coffee shop that serves its coffee HOT! Even the cardboard sleeve isn't enough to keep my hands burn-free before I get home with it. I'm thinking I need to make one too!

  5. Emma, I love your cozies!!!!! They turned out great. And of course I love your trees, I saw that pattern and wanted to make a few, too. Well done, you are on a roll!

  6. those trees are so cute!!! lovely gifts! :)

  7. those little trees are adorable!!!! I might need a forest around here. :)

  8. Wonderful cosies and scarf, I'm very impressed. Knitting and reading at the same time sounds perfect. I'm crocheting as fast as I can here (which is not very fast). It's a hedgehog sleeping bag. Not sure if it will be done in time though.

  9. I love the cozies and scarf. I need to file the cozy idea for next year. Thanks for passing it on. I still don't think I could read and knit even with a tablet as I need to watch what I am doing or I end up frogging.

  10. Thanks for visiting me! I love those wee trees and think your mug cosies and treats will make lovely presents. I have a sewing list for Christmas but my knitting isn't quite at the same level.....may be a few years before I get to the stage of knitted festive gifts!
    We have a pup (Susie) who is about 8 months now and not nipping much at all any more. We held her muzzle closed and said no whenever she did nip (as much as it was possible with four young kids in the house!) and I think that approach did help. Good luck! Juliex

  11. The trees, I love the trees! I must make these for my sister who is a wine drinker. I made her some Korknisser (sp?) gnomes/elves with wine cork bodies last year; these would be a PERFECT addition.

    And I love the knitting joke!

  12. Oh wow, Emma! So much beauty here! I LOVE all those knits!