Tuesday, January 6, 2015

La Galette des Rois

"J'aime La Galette,
Savez-vous comment?
Quand elle est bien faite,
Avec du beurre dedans"

Every year, the boys wait with anticipation, for La Galette des Rois.  They attach as much importance to it as I do to mince pie's at christmas.  But, Epiphany, like Noël, comes but once a year - so only once a year do I make 'La Galette'.

In french, the three wise men or three kings, are known as Les Rois Mages, hence the name Galette des Rois.  Tradition has it that the youngest member of the family hides under the table and designates the person who will receive the first slice of galette.  The rest is then shared out in the same way, with each person carefully nibbling their piece so as not to swallow 'La Fève' hidden inside.  The person who finds it is Le Roi.  I put three in for good measure (they're quite small and easily swallowed!)

This is the only time of year that I buy pastry.  Try as I might I just can't master the flaky dough that this recipe requires.  In this one we put in some frangipane, sliced pear and slivered almonds.  Without the frangipane I think it tastes like it's 'missing' something but the kids like it just as much when filled with plain 'ol apple sauce.

How do you like your Galette?


  1. I am going to attempt this for the first time this year! I will let you know how it comes out ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing this Emma. What an interesting tradition.

  3. A great tradition, the tart looks wonderful. Best wishes for 2015.

  4. Oh! I'm impressed Emma! Your galette looks beautiful and delicious! I have never made one myself, friends always end up offering us one or we buy one. Enjoy!

  5. That makes me feel hungry! Seriously!!!

  6. That sounds delicious! I just had to google frangipane, and wow, yum! What a great tradition!