Friday, May 8, 2015

Birthday Gifts

We're all invited to a birthday tomorrow - well actually two different birthdays but in the same village so we might just be able to go to both!   But the one we've been busily creating for this week is that of a 10 year old girl in Rémi's class.
I bought this box for Rémi to decorate with his signature 'Rosace' and he thought a few extra embellishments might also look nice...

...her name and a few wee flowers were the perfect touch.

A few weeks ago Kim sent me a letter in a hand decorated envelope, it had on it a cute little bee, so we borrowed her idea - hope she doesn't mind our plagiarism!!

"Mirror, mirror..."
For Alice I made a little bag from a tea-towel.  My uneasy relationship with my sewing machine has been touched upon briefly on my blog before but this time I went about the project a little differently, I made sure 'Ms Singer' knew who was in charge!!! I even chanted a mantra "Who's the Boss?"  "Emma's the boss"", over and over as 'we' sewed.  And guess what, things went pretty well.  Granted it's basically a rectangle with a strap but for me that's is quite an achievement!  Though about making another one for the other birthday boy (40th), you know, a Man Bag "you can still be tough and carry your stuff"  but Richard thinks a six pack will be more welcome.

What have you been crafting this week?


  1. I have several projects on the go, love the tea towel bag such a cost effective bag and made with love.

  2. I love your bag, I am trying to work out the handle it looks really clever? Can you show us some more pictures? We have been making peg dolls again this week, grass boys, dragonflies, bees, ladybirds, hen, chicks and tulip fairies. I have cut out a bag to sew and finished my shalom! Quite a week ;)

    1. I didn't take any more pictures I'm afraid, but the handle was quite simple - just a small loop made from a strip of the tea-towel and sewn inbetween the bag and the lining and the handle part is a piece of webbing sewn into to the other side in a similar way.
      Let me know if you want me to email you the pattern.

  3. What a hive of activity at your home and with great results.
    I am painting daily as we have an art show in June.
    Enjoy your weekend


  4. What fun projects going on at your place. I've managed to crochet a bit on the porch, but not much. The garden calls me every day.

  5. Love the bag. I have a similar conversation with my sewing machine each time I sit down to sew :)

    I love your bee, so happy you guys added one to the project :)

    Have the most wonderful weekend, and enjoy the parties.

  6. the box and the bag are both wonderful, I am sure they are so appreciated. And a six pack sounds perfect for any man.

  7. The box is so neat, this is something I'm hoping to try with my girls at some point. I love the decorations.

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