Friday, May 1, 2015

Rabbit Al Fresco

Bunny's summer day residence is ready

She appears to like her new 'terrain' but is a little wary of the barn, that Richard and the boys spent so much time making!!!

I think she looks a lonesome in there all by herself, but my attempts at getting Richi to agree to a bunny partner are as of yet unsuccessful.  A friend has advised me not to push it for the second bunny if I want to get a goat, Rich likes animals to have a purpose, like the chickens laying eggs, so I'm selling him the goat as a precious help in lawn control. 

Ringo does hang out with her a bit until wonder lust gets the better of him and he takes himself off on a wee jaunt.  I can't expect him to sit with her all day, after all he does have the chickens to harass also!

She is enjoying finding lots of new and interesting things to eat but I had to scatter a little bit of straw around the place as she seems quite preoccupied with the mud sticking to her feet - precious little house rabbit that she is!!

We bring her back in at night as I don't want her going all wild on us, and besides, during our long winters she will have to be house bound again (and trained).

Around the other side of the house, work is almost finished on our first raised bed (f.i.l thinks it's a waste of space!).  There is nothing growing in it at the moment so it looks a bit like an above ground tomb!  Will share some pics in a few days.

Next up will be changing all the fencing around the chicken coop as the snow wrecked havoc with it this winter, and once that's done I want the chaps to build me one of these:

A Nordic Bath - I'm dreaming obviously, I know full well I won't get one but can you imagine soaking in there after a hard day of toiling in the garden, sipping a glass of something cold and refreshing...


  1. What a cute bunny. Raised beds!!! I can't wait to see them, so exciting for you. The Nordic Bath...we all need one of those :)

    Happy weekend!

  2. I looks like the bunny loves the new summer home. I love the Nordic Bath. I could place myself in one of those any long day outdoors.

  3. Sweet and soft bunny with a lovely summer home! Ringo is cute looking after her. :)

  4. Love the new bunny residence :) That Nordic bath looks wonderful, can see why you might want one, perhaps that stash under the bed could aid your installation?

  5. I think the bunny looks very happy in her new home, and visits from all of you will make her feel like she is not alone. Beautiful photos today.

  6. What beautiful photos Emma, your bunny is so sweet. We only have 3 left now, they are very old but such wonderful pets.