Sunday, July 5, 2015

Garden Pests...

Woke up to these 'little' beauties snacking on my salads last week!  There were nine of them in total, and despite their big feet and chomping chops they did less damage than the invisible pest that keeps eating my kale!

Not sure where they came from or where they went afterwards, 'tis a bit of a mystery.

Richard heard on the radio yesterday that the best time to water the garden is between midnight and 4am!  So this morning, there he was bright and early (not 4am btw) doing the necessary, with his little garden helper in hot pursuit.  It's scorching hot here at the moment, I've never experienced a summer like this before,  I'm suffering and I'm not the only one.  The poor dog got totally over heated yesterday and vomited everywhere whilst we were out.  We slept with the front door wide open last night so he could come and go as he pleased and this morning we found him sleeping outside.

The garden is general is looking pretty good.  I've totally lost my gardening mojo lately but luckily my f.i.l is around to pick up the slack!  We haven't planted anything new this year, just the same ol' same ol'.
We already harvested lots of strawberries, lettuce, rhubarb, spinach and a few new potatoes (teeny tiny ones but we couldn't hold out any longer).
Still to come, that is if the Kale monster doesn't decide to change it's diet, are runner beans, dwarf beans, beetroot, swiss chard, onions, broccoli, courgette, leeks, radish, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, pumpkins, red & black currents and plums.


  1. Your garden/allotment is looking good with so much lovely produce. We are also having a mini heatwave and having to water the garden twice daily.

  2. Goodness it all looks so good Emma. I can't imagine waking to find horses in my yard, that is crazy! Glad they didn't do too much damage.

    I have to say, that view from your garden, of the forested mountains...stunning!!! When can I come and have tea with you :)

    Hope you are well and enjoyed your weekend. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Emma, your garden looks absolutely wonderful! All that wonderful food. That is funny the horses did less damage.

  4. What a surprise to see those fellows chowing down of your lovely produce. Yikes! Your garden is looking beautiful! Sorry to hear about the heat. What is the average summer temps in your neck of the woods?

  5. I would be surprised to see those in the gardens. Your gardens are looking good and very bountiful.