Monday, July 27, 2015

Peg centerpiece

I have a very low threshold when it comes to heat, and boy has it been hot here this summer!  So during the day I have been inciting the kids to stay inside with sunny day activities.
I remember doing this one with Rémi when he was much younger, so when Tino recently dragged out the craft box I was very happy to find a packet of pegs hidden deep inside.

The dogs were being very patient with us while we crafted, so whilst waiting for the paint to dry we took them both for a little dip.  The poor things, can you imagine wearing a fur coat all summer!

Juno is Ringo's sister and we look after her from time to time when her humans are out of town.  Not only is she a different colour to her brother but she has a completely different personality - Ringo is very laid back and Juno is, well, MAD as a hatter!

But she's great fun and Ringo and the kids love having her for sleepovers!

Then it was back to work putting all the pegs together.   I think I may need to go over things with my glue gun as I don't think the craft glue we used will hold things together very long, but so long as nobody touches it things will be fine!

At 9pm it was finally cool enough to go on the trampoline. Not really the best before bedtime activity!

This afternoon they have put up a lemonade stand out on the road.    Business is a little slack to say the least and they have already had a drive-by visit from the local 'police municipale'.  I stayed well hidden behind the curtains and they managed to sweet talk their way out of being shut down all on their own!


  1. I can only dream of warmer climes at the moment, it is torrential rain and cold.

  2. Love your centerpiece. It's hot here too, and so dry at the moment. Hope some cooler air finds you soon.


  3. Me too mamasmercantile. It's 10°C here and raining! Love the peg activity :)

  4. Cute! I love the shape of those pegs and they're so bright and festive now. Hope you get a little break from the heat! Or a trip to the lake. :)

  5. It is amazing it is so hot there. Te Policemen should be buying a bit of lemonade from those cuties. Stay cool,

  6. Hot and humid here too. Sweet pup pics. And how fun is a jump on the trampoline before bed!