Thursday, October 15, 2015

My kitchen and beyond

Whilst walking to school this morning, Tino commented that summer was his favourite season as he doesn't have to wear so many clothes ( we're not even in winter yet buddy) but for me autumn is number one - I love the cool crisp mornings, the vibrant colours before the long white months ahead, and everything apple - apple sauce, pie, crumble and Matafan.

Such a simple, quick, few ingredients needed dish, it has to be a winner.  It's basically an apple (or pear) omelet!  Full of nourishing ingredients, a Matafan was a traditional 'casse-croute' (snack)  that farmers , in this alpine region known for it's apples and pears, would take out the fields with them.  Mine came out a little soft in the center and the under side was a tad well done but it tasted like a dream.   I finished it off under the grill but next time I think I will flip the whole thing over and cook it on a lower heat to make sure it has ample time to cook all the way through.

6 apples (or pears)
200g flour
100g sugar
75g butter
6 eggs
30cl milk
Mix together the flour, sugar, and eggs.
Peel and cut the apples into thin slices.
Melt butter 
Combine the flour mixure, butter and eggs and cook on the stove top in a heated, greased pan until set (about 20-30 mins)
* flip it over half way through cooking!!

Comprising of quite a few more ingredients than the Matafan, this Lat Mannsbrod (Lazy Man's Bread) is surprisingly quick and easy to make, and it keeps for days.  With a little homemade jam it makes for a delicious hearty breakfast or after school snack.

Last weekend Tino celebrated his 7th birthday and anything remotely healthy and nourishing in his cake was largely over shadowed by all the chocolate and 'bonbons' used to decorate it.  But hey, it's once a year so I say "let them eat cake"! 

We rounded off the 'gourmand' weekend with a visit to a local  sheep/agricultural festival, where I exercised much restraint by not purchasing any animals!!  Instead I spent my euros on delicious "Boungettes" - potato cakes!

30th foire aux mouton, Servoz

I'm working on my own version of the 'boungette' with the addition of a little garlic and perhaps some herbs...
I'll share it (the recipe at least) when I've perfected it to my liking!


  1. Looks like you have been having a lot of fun lately. I can't wait to see your recipe.

  2. That apple omelette looks delicious. Happy belated birthday to Tino, looks like a great outing.

  3. An apple omelet now that is a good idea, and I have just been given a big bag of apples.........looking forward to your potato cake recipe ;). Love the cake and a belated happy birthday to Tino, his birthday is just after mine!

  4. Happy 7th birthday to Tino. My little man will be 7 soon :)

  5. Everything looks so good! I'm going to give your bread recipe a try, it sounds fantastic!

  6. Everything does look and sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing your inspirational. :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your boy, that is a great age. Love the sheep photo.

  8. happy birthday and I love wearing more and more clothes. I fluctuate having fall and winter as my favorite. Yummy recipe!